Grožio terapijos specialistų rengimas Lietuvoje: grožio terapeuto kompetencijų grupės

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Straipsnis / Article
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Grožio terapijos specialistų rengimas Lietuvoje: grožio terapeuto kompetencijų grupės
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Training of specialists of beauty therapy in Lithuania: groups of competencies of beauty therapists
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2015, Nr. 3 (72), p. 149-160
Kompetencijos / Competencies.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Grožio terapeutas; Kompetencija; Grožio terapijos kompetencijų grupės; Beauty therapist; Competence; Groups of the beauty therapy competencies.

ENThe demand for beauty therapy services are growing worldwide, it is a very popular speciality between labor market and young people who choose profession. A number of higher education institutions in Lithuania offers a professional bachelor’s degree in beauty therapy. This paper analyzes the specifics of the beauty therapist work, defines the special expertise developed during studies, since validated training standards in Lithuania defines many professional competency models, however such training standard for beauty therapist is not currently available. This article aims to reveal the competence group for beauty therapist, which could become the base for the preparation of professional standard. The article discusses the beauty therapist training in Lithuania, describes the required personal qualities and thinking skills and presents the competency groups for beauty therapists. Using various cosmetology tools and techniques beauty therapist aims to improve persons appearance, helps you feel better and often even increases clients self – esteem. It was found, that beauty therapy student becomes beauty therapy expert, when obtains the core competencies, such as: the assessment of skin type, condition and problems, the understanding of clients principle legal protection and etc. with no exception of continuing education and consultancy. During the studies beauty therapist must not only develop the most important professional competencies, but also have a significant baggage of general knowledge, such as psychology, communication with different types people and so on. [From the publication]

1392-3137; 2351-6569
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