Buitinių patogumų pokyčiai Vilniaus pirklių namuose XIX a. antrojoje pusėje

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Buitinių patogumų pokyčiai Vilniaus pirklių namuose XIX a. antrojoje pusėje
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Changes of household in Vilnius merchants’ houses in the second half of 19th century
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Lituanistica. 2015, Nr. 4, p. 239-253
Pirkliai; Vilnius; Buitiniai patogumai.
Vilnius,; Merchants; Home comfort.
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ENTowards the end of 19th century, the living conditions of Vilnius residents had changed significantly. Already in the middle of 19th century, many merchants sought to purchase their own properties in the city centre, as it was convenient not only to live there but also to establish commercial premises. Through the last decades of the 19th century, more merchants chose to relocate to the new, expanding and modern districts, where they built apartment buildings as rental properties. The landlord family would occupy one of the apartments. Only very wealthy Vilnius merchants were able to afford the construction of large residences. The merchants’ dwellings did not possess any unique design features, which could be appointed predominantly to this social group. Usually, the merchants chose to live in the typical middle class apartments with 4–6 rooms, with characterised rooms (drawing room, bedroom, study room, etc.). The household amenities such as water supply and toilet in the middle of 19th century were mostly erected in the backyards. Although, from the seventh decade of 19th century, sanitary facilities started to be gradually installed inside the house, but even throughout the eighth and ninth decades, many merchants still kept their outside toilets. Such disparity in the sanitary conditions amongst the merchants could have been influenced not only by their financial potentials but also by their personal approach to hygiene or the lack of water supply and sewerage systems, and the faulty toilet equipment. By the end of 19th century, more homes became equipped with modern amenities (bath tube, water closet, wash basins, showers). These amenities were installed inside the apartments. This indicated the rise of merchants’ living conditions to a higher comfort level. [From the publication]

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