Jaunimo nedarbo problemos socialiniai ir psichologiniai aspektai

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Jaunimo nedarbo problemos socialiniai ir psichologiniai aspektai
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Social and psychological aspects of youth unemployment
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Tiltai [Bridges. Brücken]. 2001, Nr. 4 (17), p. 61-69
LDB Open.
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ENAnalysis of social and psychological aspects of young unemployed is based on the results of the research “Labour motivation and territorial mobility of the unemployed youth and their integration into the labour market" carried out in 2000 at the Instimte of Labour and Social Research as a part of the research project of Lithuanian Labour Exchange. 2239 unemployed under 25 years old registered at Lithuanian local labour exchanges were questionaired. The aims of the research: to evaluate the situation of the young unemployed in the Lithuanian labour market, to develop measures for the increasing their personal activity in job search and participation in special employment programs, to prepare practical recommendations for Lithuanian Labour Exchange. Criterion for the sample selection were: regions, level of unemployment, urbanization in the regions, age and education of unemployed. Part of the research results is used in this article. It was found that every second respondent mentioned the negative influence of the unemployment on their education, decisions related with marriage and children, emotional state. Statistical procedure of factor analysis was used to group all negative consequences of the unemployment evaluated by respondents. Two factors were drawn and according to the structure they were called “Inteipersonal relations" and “Planning/organizing of personal life, professional education, leisure time”. It was also found that personal values of unemployed are related with the evaluation of the situation, personal responsibility and characteristics of the future job they would like to choose. Those who answered that work is an important value for them expressed high personal responsibility in job search and were interested in job, which gives possibilities for their personal development, carrier and cooperation at work. [From the publication]

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