Visuomeniniai XX a. modernizmo statiniai Lietuvoje: vertės problemos

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Visuomeniniai XX a. modernizmo statiniai Lietuvoje: vertės problemos
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20th century public buildings in Lithuania: problems of value
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Kultūros paminklai. 2016, 20, p. 19-31
Apsauga ir restauravimas / Preservation and restoration; Architektūra / Architecture; Kultūros paveldas / Cultural heritage; Modernizmas / Modernism.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Architektūra; Lietuvos XX a. modernizmo statiniai; Modernizmas; Paveldas; Paveldo vertė; Paveldosauga; Sovietmečio architektūra; Vertės; Visuomeniniai statiniai; Visuomeninis statiniai; 20th century modernist buildings in Lithuania; Architecture; Heritage; Heritage value; Modernism; Preservation; Public buildings; Social building; Soviet architecture; Values.

ENLithuanian architecture over Soviet years. A comparison drawn between international documents setting forth contemporary heritage preservation practices and the documents, which define heritage field in the Republic of Lithuania is used to identify a set of broader assessment criteria for architectural heritage properties. The paper discusses several cases when public modernist-period buildings with valuable characteristics either failed to be listed on the national register or have been listed by exception to regulated procedure. The paper arrives at a conclusion that it is essential correctly define the valuable characteristics of these structures within the system of listing of heritage properties in order to preserve them for the future development of all-inclusive understanding of architecture, urban history, public education and heritage. [From the publication]

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