Universiteto studentų karjeros valdymo kompetencijos raiška

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Straipsnis / Article
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Universiteto studentų karjeros valdymo kompetencijos raiška
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Diffussion of university students' career management competences
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Socialinis ugdymas (Šiaulių universitetas). 2014, 7, p. 262-268. Postmodernios visuomenės iššūkiai vaikų ir jaunimo socializacijai
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Karjera; Karjeros valdymo kompetencijos; Karjeros vystymas; Karjeros vystymasis; Ugdymas karjerai; Career; Career development; Career management competences.
Karjera / Career; Ugdymas / Education.
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn the latter years, economic, demographic tendencies and technological progress are unrecognizably changing all labour market structure. Social changes (both positive and negative) appearing in the globalization process raise new requirements for person’s career. A man himself has to take all responsibility for his career management. Career management as a lifelong lasting process becomes very urgent in modern society because of many reasons. Requirements of the contemporary world for the person affect the necessity to have some appropriate skills and features, enabling to meet those requirements as well as to overcome the barriers appearing during the period of social transformations. In other words, the career competence is obligatory in the contemporary labour world. The research revealed that students understand the conception of career as the development towards the selected activity and the career competence and skills, abilities, features, necessary in seeking the career as well as in personal life. Therefore, respondents understand that the concept of career and career competence is multiple and combined from various aspects. The level of need for career competence of respondents is higher than the level of gaining it. On the other hand, the gap between the need for career competence and gaining it is not big. Therefore, respondents get a part of competences when seeking for career; however more attention should be given for their development. High assessment of the need is given to personal and social competences while the high assessment of gaining – for learning and social competences. [From the publication]

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