Teritorinė institucinė verslo skatinimo sistema Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Teritorinė institucinė verslo skatinimo sistema Lietuvoje
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Territorial institutional system of business promotion in Lithuania
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Geografijos metraštis [Annales Geographicae. Geographical Yearbook]. 2008, 41(1-2), p. 90-102
Parama verslui; Smulkaus ir vidutinio verslo; Smulkiosios ir vidutinės įmonės; Verslo skatinimo sistema; Verslumas; Viešosios paslaugos verslui.
Business promotion system; Entrepreneurship; Public services to business; Small and medium business (SME); Small and medium business (SME); Support to business.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe paper examines the Lithuanian territorial-institutional system of business promotion, the formation whereof began ten years ago. The author overviews experience of foreign countries, pointing out similarities and diff erences of the make-up and activities of infrastructure supplying services to business. After summarising all the actors in the system of business promotion – i.e., statefinanced establishments providing services to small and medium enterprises on preferential terms – their structure is depicted on a schematic map. The latter is overlaid on the distribution of the level of entrepreneurship, thus establishing links between the entrepreneurship of population in separate municipalities and provision of services to small and medium enterprises. The paper states that the territorial institutional system of business promotion in Lithuania is not suffi ciently elaborated; though the network of establishments is dense and evenly-distributed, the system functions as a collection of its separate units only. There are preconditions for the activities of the system – however, some actions at the level of the State required in order to give it vitality. [From the publication]

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