The Fame of scientists: does it reflect their real contribution to science?

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The Fame of scientists: does it reflect their real contribution to science?
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Baltic journal of European studies. 2011, vol. 1, iss. 1, p. 181-195. [BJES]
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Biologijos istorija; Ivanauskas T., Šivickis P.B., biologija, mokslo ideologizacija; Mokslininkų populiarumas; Mokslo ideologizavimas; Pranciškus Baltrus Šivickis; Sovietinis periodas; Tadas Ivanauskas; History of biology; Ideologization of science; Ivanauskas T., Šivickis P.B., biology, ideologization of science; Popularity of scientists; Pranciškus Baltrus Šivickis; Soviet period; Tadas Ivanauskas.

ENAnalysis of the factors that influenced the degree of popularity of Tadas Ivanauskas and Pranciškus Baltrus Šivickis, two famous Lithuanian biologists of the 20th century, was carried out. For the broader Lithuanian society, Ivanauskas is much better known, while biologists know that the scientific achievements of Šivickis are much greater. They both were very active organizers of educational processes in Lithuania, but the fields of activity of Ivanauskas were more visible and interesting for the broader public. Ivanauskas wrote much more items of popular scientific literature than Šivickis, which was another reason that made him remarkably popular. The most important factor was a political one: Šivickis resisted the ideologization of science, whereas Ivanauskas adjusted quite well to the new social system. Therefore, the mass media propagated his achievements and he was extremely popular during the whole Soviet period. Nearly fifty years of promoting Ivanauskas left marked prints in human memory: even today he is much better known than Šivickis by the general Lithuanian society. Our analysis showed that Ivanauskas was a great organizer, a great educationalist, but not a great scientist; his scientific achievements were exaggerated during the Soviet period. The life histories of the two famous biologists point to another common rule characteristic of all historical periods: fundamental researches are very often bound to remain unpopular as it takes a long time until they become understandable for the major part of society. [From the publication]

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