Konstantino Sirvydo žodynų leksika didžiajame "Lietuvių kalbos žodyne"

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Konstantino Sirvydo žodynų leksika didžiajame "Lietuvių kalbos žodyne"
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Lexis of the dictionaries by Konstantinas Sirvydas in the "Great dictionary of the Lithuanian language"
15 amžius; Konstantinas Sirvydas; Leksika. Kalbos žodynas / Lexicon.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Konstantinas Sirvydas; Letuvių kalbos žodynas; Konstantino Sirvydo žodynų leksika; Lithuanian dictionary; Lexis of the dictionaries by Konstantinas Sirvydas; Konstantinas Sirvydas.

ENThe Lietuvių kalbos žodynas, or LKŽ (Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language) in 20 volumes includes materials from the 5th edition of Konstantinas Sirvydas’ Diclionarium trium linguarum (SD, 1713). The lexicographic source was referred to by its acronym already back in the first half of the 20th century, in Kazimieras Buga’s notebooks on the dictionary of the Lithuanian language and several LKŽ volumes edited by Juozas Balčikonis (LKŽ I, published in 1941 and LKŽ II, in 1947). After Kazys Pakalka’s research, his thesis and other publications, several volumes of LKŽ included some materials from the oldest dictionary by K. Sirvydas, published in about 1620. Despite marked differences between the oldest edition and later versions of the Dictionarium trium linguarum, the old Dictionary by K. Sirvydas in the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language is referred to as his first edition of the dictionary, and the acronym SD, is used. Beginning with volume XV of the LKŽ (1991), the former acronym is replaced by SD3, which marks the third edition of the same Dictionary (1642). The LKŽ entries usually include such SD3 materials which are not found in the 5,h edition of the SD, usually considered as the main edition. When preparing the electronic version of LKŽ (LKŽe, 2005, updated version in 2008; available at wvw.lkz.lt) and the second edition (flash, 2013), the data was revised and amended. However, no new entries were added, except for the cases when the word used in the examples did not have its entry in the dictionary. The same procedure applied when working with the data of the SD, SD1 and SD3.Presently, after amending the LKŽe has already been started, an attempt is made, among other things, to present facts in the texts of different volumes accurately and uniformly. Therefore, it is important to closely examine the data of SD, SD1 and SD3 again. One of the most problematic issues in the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language and its amendments is concerned with the transposition of dialectal data. The paper discusses issues concerned with the relationship between some word forms, iš : i: used as prefixes and prepositions, the sounds and diphthongs um : am, a : о, о : uo, etc.; most of these issues arise in relation to the transposition of the lexis from the Dictionarium trium linguarum. [From the publication]

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