Darnaus vystymosi koncepcija ir politika

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Darnaus vystymosi koncepcija ir politika
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Situation and purposefulness of country's sustainable development
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Aplinkosauga; Darnus vystymasis; Ekonomika; Socialinė gerovė; Economics; Environment; Social welfare; Sustainable development.
Aplinka. Aplinkosauga / Environment. Environmental protection; Darnus vystymasis; Ekonomika; Socialinė gerovė.
Economics; Social welfare; Sustainable development.
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LTDarnus vystymasis yra orientuotas į ištekliį tausojimą, socialinę gerovę ir ekonominį augimą. Pastarieji dešimtmečiai parodė, kad išaugus vartojimui pagausėjo ir išteklių naudojimas. Dėl šios priežasties pasaulinis susidomėjimas darnaus vystymosi klausimu tampa vis aktualesnis. Darbe nagrinėjama darnaus vystymosi koncepcija, išskiriamos darnaus vystymosi dedamosios. Apžvelgiama darnaus vystymosi politika Europos Sąjungoje, išskiriant Lietuvą. Atrinkti Lietuvos darnaus vystymosi rodikliai. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe basic concept of sustainable development was formulated at the United Nations Conference regarding Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992). They laid the foundation for further development activities and for their implementation. During the conference, the primary aim of sustainable development was defined and validated with a view to the long-term development of society. Sustainable development is focused on resource conservation, social welfare and economic growth, however, current aspiration of economic development presents its own obstacles in order to maintain economic stability. Sustainable development should be the future economic engine that encourages optimization of available resources. Moreover, sustainable development is a more relevant subject in order to achieve comprehensive view of the sustainability of growth. The past several decades (during which crisis could not be overtaken) have shown that consumption increased and, therefore, use of resources grew as well. Consumption grows disproportionately of the number of people. It is quite clear that if the situation remains unchanged the world will face an extensive damage. For this reason global interest regarding the issue of sustainable development has become increasingly important. The European Union is often named as a leader in sustainable development, since this area has made more progress than any other region in the world.The main Lithuanian sustainable development formulated objective is by the year 2020 to achieve the current EU average of economic and social development and resource efficiency indicators. Moreover, environmental indicators cannot exceed the permissible standards of the EU, therefore, Lithuania should implement international convention requirements to limit environmental pollution and contribution of the global climate changes. This paper analyzes the concept and components of sustainable development. An overview of the sustainable development policy is presented in the paper. It includes the European Union situation and highlighting the situation and purposefulness in Lithuania. Lithuania does not focus a lot on analyses regarding sustainable development indicators, therefore, it is not surprising that there are many issues trying to figure out the prospects and country's development priorities. Sustainable development is a dynamic process, so it is very important to explore the progress of sustainable development. Indicators provide a basis for assessing the progress of sustainable development, however, to find the right sustainability assessment method is not so easy, because in order for it to work properly, the index has to create a large variety of relevant components of sustainable development dimension. The authors have prepared selection of Lithuanian indicators of sustainable development on the basis of the Resolution of Republic of Lithuania regarding the National Sustainable Development Strategy's approval and implementation. [From the publication]

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