Kaunas architecture in wood

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Kaunas architecture in wood
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Lituanus. 2013, vol. 59, no. 1, p. 35-53, 88
Apsauga; Apsauga, Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto menų fakultetas, informacija; Architektūra; Gyenamasis namas; Kaunas; Kotedžai, vilos; Kultūrinė vertė; Medinis paveldas; Medinė Kauno architektūra; Medinė architektūra; Vasarnamiai, visuomeniniai pastatai; XX a. I pusė.
Architecture; Architecture in wood; Cottages; Cultural value; Dwelling house; Information; Kaunas; Kaunas wooden architecture; Preservation; Protection; Public buildings; Summer homes; The first half of 20th century; Villas; Vytautas Magnus University Faculty of Arts; Wooden heritage.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis article reveals the diversity of wooden architecture in Kaunas and describes its cultural value. Historic wooden buildings, such as small manor and garden estate houses, villas, cottages, summer homes, rental houses, and military and railway complexes, have survived in all parts of Kaunas. Such buildings are exceptional at conveying a local identity. A large number of the houses are neglected and deteriorated, while others have been renovated in a manner that compromises their original style and substance. Consequently, it is very important to distribute documentation on old timber houses in order to motivate their owners to restore them correctly. In 2011, a database of Kaunas's wooden architecture (www.archimede.lt) was begun and continues to be updated at the Vytautas Magnus University Faculty of Arts. It is hoped that the information on this website will reach the homeowners as well as district and municipal administrators, and an appreciation of the historic and cultural value of wooden architecture will gradually develop among them all. [From the publication]

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