1835-1839 m. Vilniaus gubernijos administracinio suskirstymo pertvarkymas

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1835-1839 m. Vilniaus gubernijos administracinio suskirstymo pertvarkymas
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1835-1839 reorganisation of the administrative partition of Vilnius province
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Istorijos akiračiai / redakcinė komisija: Edmundas Rimša (pirmininkas). Vilnius: Lietuvos istorijos instituto leidykla, 2004. P. 341-362
19 amžius; Reformos; Rusijos administracija; Valdžia; Vilniaus gubernija, Nikolajus Dolgorukovas, bajorai, generalgubernatorius, Trakai.
Government; Lithuanian XIX c. history; Province, Nikolajus Dolgorukovas, the Nobility, the Governor-General, Trakai; Reforms; Russian administration.
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ENThe article covers the reorganisation of the administrative partition of Vilnius Province, which occurred during 1835-1839: its causes, course, and results. During the reorganisation, Trakai County (Uezd) was abolished and the borders of the 10 (formerly 11) counties altered. Vilnius Governor-General Nikolai Dolgorukov initiated the reform in 1832. His purpose was to even up the counties according to their area and the number of 'revision souls' (rievizskiie duslu) as well as size of the duty, which fell to the county, to transport goods and people (podvodnaia povinnost'). The reorganisation of the county borders lasted 5 years (1835-1839) and was carried out by the Russian administration and representatives of the self-government of the nobility. The course of the reorganisation demonstrated the inefficiency and lack of co-ordination of the activities of the Russian administration and the self-government of the nobility. The county borders were to be changed and Trakai County abolished by 01 February 1840. The counties became more uniform in respect to their area and number of inhabitants and were more or less equal. The needs and wishes of the local estate owners were taken into consideration in establishing the new county borders.It was determined to abolish Trakai County through the reform and the town of Trakai was degraded from the county seat to a town without any special status (zashtatnii gorod). The residents of the town of Trakai as well as the nobles and Karaite community strove to preserve the town's status as a county seat. The petitions presented by them to the government representatives reveal how important the status of county seat was to a town's economic situation and the material welfare of its inhabitants. The town's residents considered the continuity and stability of the laws a condition that was no less important for their welfare. The maps supplementing the article show the administrative partition of Vilnius Province before and after the reform. [From the publication]

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