Andragogo pagalbos suaugusiam besimokančiajam strategijos taikymo galimybės

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Andragogo pagalbos suaugusiam besimokančiajam strategijos taikymo galimybės
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Possibilities in applying strategies of andragogue assistance to adult leaner
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2013, Nr. 3 (64), p. 231-242
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Andragogas; Andragogo pagalbos veiklos sritis; Mokymosi problemos; Suaugęs besimokantis asmuo; Adult learner; An adult learner; Andragogue; Andragogue's assistance activities; Learning problems; The learning problems.
Suaugęs besimokantis asmuo; Suaugusiųjų mokymas / Adult education.
An adult learner; Andragogue; Andragogue's assistance activities; Learning problems.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe relevance of assistance activity especially shows up with the shifting of andragogues functions, when becoming the adult learner’s assistant, in the pursue of new knowledge and skills, at eliminating learning problems and providing qualitative learning support. Hypothesis: what are the possibilities of application of andragogues assitance to adult learner in the process of learning? The object of research: activity of andragogues assitance. The objective of the research: to analyze theoretically and empirically reveal the andragogues assistance strategy in the opportunities of adult learning. The tasks of the research: to reason the possibilities of application of andragogues assistance strategy to adult leaner, accentuating assistance strategy stages, andragogues activity functions and necessary competencies; to explore the University students view on lecturers assistance in the process of learning. Research methods: the analysis of scientific sources; questionnaire survey. In order to ascertain students’ views on andragogues assistance in the learning process, an empirical study was carried out in Klaipėda University Continuing Studies Institute in 2013 February-March. The survey involved 114 different courses andragogy students. Key conclusions. Andragogues operational functions are different, but they have one main goal – to help the adult learners in the learning process. Andragog’s important activity – assisstance in to addressing cognitive, affective – motivational, psychosocial problems, encountered by adults in the learning process. Respect, tolerance, trust, communication and the pursuit of communicating and consensus are important in providing assistance to the learner, helping to avoid learning difficulties.During the design and implementation of the assistance strategy for adult learning, several important aspects are important: the learning environment, a student and andragog’s interaction, adult learners’ experience, needs, interests, values, the formulation of goals and the prediction of aims, learning methods and their applications, training analysis, assessment of learning. Also proactive and reactive support plays an important role in andragogues assistance activity. Andragogues ability to communicate and collaborate, solve learning problems and remove them, possession of necessary knowledge and skills and professionalism is a prerequisite for andragogues successful assisstance condition to adult learner. The development of suitable andragogical assistance strategy and implementation will allow the effective learning at adult education institution. The study found that the andragogue should not only promote the adult independent learning, but also help to overcome the gaps in knowledge, abilities and skills, fear and stress during learning. Therefore, it is very important to create safe and favourable learning environment in which andragogue is able to be empathetic, to create an open learning environment, to promote confidence. A very important aspect – andragogues professionalism in providing adult support, helping him to overcome learning difficulties, to gain self-confidence and opportunities to overcome fear and stress in learning. The research data analysis shows that andragogues help to the adult learner functions, but lacks the lecturers competence in this field, always subject to appropriate learning methods, as well as and not always the adult learners approach to andragogues assisstance is positive. [From the publication]

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