Adomas Brakas - Vydūno talkininkas ir bendražygis

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Adomas Brakas - Vydūno talkininkas ir bendražygis
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Adomas Brakas - aid and comrade-in-arms of Vydūnas
Brakas, Adomas; Dailė; Draugija; Iliustracija; Klaipėda; Koncertai; Kūryba; Tauta; Tilžė (Sovietskas; Tilsit); Vaidinimai; Veikla; Vydūnas (Wilhelm Storost; Vilhelmas Storostas, Storosta).
Activity; Art; Brakas, Adomas; Concerts; Creativity; Illustration; Klaipėda; Nation; Performances; Society; Tilsit; Visual art; Vydūnas.
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LTStraipsnyje pasakojama apie kūrybinį Adomo Brako ir Vydūno bendradarbiavimą, atskleidžiama pasaulėžiūrinė Vydūno įtaka A. Brako įsitikinimams bei visuomeninei kultūrinei veiklai. Parodoma A. Brako talka apipavidalinant Vydūno veikalus bei periodinius leidinius. Išryškinamas abiejų bendradarbiavimas teatrinėje bei kultūrinėje veikloje. [Iš leidinio]

ENOne of the most important events in the life of Adomas Brakas was his acquaintance and intercourse with the famous Lithuanian thinker, writer and public character of Lithuania Minor, Vydūnas (1868-1953). Fascinated by humanistic ideas and cultural activities of the latter Brakas became his ardent supporter and comrade-in-arms. After completing his studies in Paris, he formatted and illustrated the following books by Vydūnas: the collection of songs "The Lithuanian Bells" (1909), plays "The Native land" (1908) and "The Serves and Shirks" (1919), philosophical treatise "Our Goals" (1921), textbook The Guide How to Pick up the Lithuanian Language (1912, the second edition in 1924), and the magazine Youth (1912). In this magazine (issued in 1911-1914) as well as in the magazine "The Harvest Time" (issued in 1921-1925) Brakas published his own pieces of the fine arts. He had painted the big portrait of Vydūnas. Unfortunately, its lot is unknown. Since 1911 Brakas lived in Klaipėda and assisted Vydūnas in organizing there lectures, performances and concerts of the Tilžė Chanters Association. As a rule, the association preformed Vydūnas' plays. Brakas described at length the theatrical activities of Vydūnas in the magazine "The Theatre" (1938, no. 6). On its pages he highly appreciated them. In his own turn Vydūnas highly appreciated the deserts of Brakas in the necrology ("The Viator", 1952, no. 3). [From the publication]

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