The Jews of Pinsk, 1506 to 1880

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The Jews of Pinsk, 1506 to 1880
  • Mirsky, Mark Jay, redagavimas [edt]
  • Rosman, Murray Jay, redagavimas, vertimas [edt, trl]
  • Tropper, Faigie, vertimas [trl]
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Stanford [Calif.] : Stanford University Press, 2008.
xlviii, 606 p
Stanford studies in Jewish history and culture
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Preface. Pinsk: A Novelist in the Blottes — Preface. Introduction to Pinsk Translation — List of Abbreviations — Introduction by Mordechai Nadav — 1. From the Founding of the Community Until the Union of Lublin (1506–1569). The Founding of the Community: The Basic Privilege of Pinsk Jewry. The Jewish Quarter and the Direction of Its Expansion. Population Growth Estimate Based on the 1552–1555 and 1561–1566 Lustracje. Communal Organization. The Basic Privilege. Transition from Private Holding to Royal Domain. Adjudication. Taxes. Economic life during the Era of Prince Feodor — 2. From the Union of Lublin Until the 1648–1649 Chmielnicki Persecutions (1569–1648). Development of the Community: Population Growth. Legal Status: General Privileges. Economic Life. The Kahal Organization: The Structure and Competence of the Kahal — 3. From the Chmielnicki Persecutions of 1648–1649 Until the Peace of Andruszow. The 1648–1649 Persecutions in Pinsk. The Jews of Pinsk During the 1648–1649 Persecutions. Renewal and Rehabilitation of Communal Life: Continuity of the Activities of the Kahal Leadership. Pinsk during the Polish-Muscovite War (1655–1659). 1660. 1660–1667: Polish Rule Restored. The life of the Jews of Pinsk in the 1660s — 4. From the Peace of Andruszow Until the Conquest of Pinsk by the Swedes (1667–1706).The Development of the Jewish Community: Demographic Growth and Geographic Expansion. Moneylending. Organization of the Kahal. Pinsk as a Chief Community and the Dispute Between the Chief Communities. Internal Life. The Rabbis of Pinsk. Summary: The Pinsk Jewish Communityʼs First Two Hundred Years — 5. From the Conquest of Pinsk by the Swedes Until the second Partition of Poland (1706–1793). The Jews of Pinsk at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century. Population Growth. Debts. Economic Life. Taxes, Income, and Expenditures of the Kahal. Pinsk and Karlin – Hasidim and Mitnaggedim — 6. From the Russian Annexation of Pinsk Until Tsar Alexander III and the Bilu Movement (1793–1880). Rabbi Avigdorʼs Battle with the Hasidim of Pinsk and Lithuania. Rabbi Avigdorʼs Renewed Battle with the Hasidim and the Kahal. Saul Levin Karliner and the History of Pinsk-Karlin Jewry (1793–1834). Growth of Jewish Population. The Haskalah. Educational Institutions. Secondary Education. Societies and Benevolent Institutions, Hospitals. Synagogues and Study Houses. The Court. Hasidism and the Second Third of the Nineteenth Century. Pinsk and Karlin. Summary of the History of the Pinsk Jewish Community (1706–1880) — Notes — Bibliography — Index.
Bendruomenė; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė (Lietuva; LDK; Grand Duchy of Lithuania; GDL); Litvakai; Pinskas; Pinskas-Karolinas; Privilegijos žydams; Žydai / Jews; Žydų persekiojimas.
Community; Jews in Grand Duchy of Lithuania; Litvaks; Persecutions of Jews; Pinsk; Pinsk-Karlin; Privileges for Jewry.
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