Ilgalaikių bedarbių socialinių bruožų identifikavimas (Šiaulių miesto pavyzdžiu)

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Straipsnis / Article
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Ilgalaikių bedarbių socialinių bruožų identifikavimas (Šiaulių miesto pavyzdžiu)
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Identification of social features of long-term unemployed (by the example of Šiauliai city)
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Profesinis rengimas: tyrimai ir realijos [Vocational training: research and realities]. 2012, Nr. 23, p. 10-21
Darbo rinka; Ilgalaikiai bedarbiai; Socialinis portretas.
Labour marker; Long-term unemployed; Social portrait.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojami ilgalaikių bedarbių, socialiai jautriausios grupės, socialiniai bruožai Šiaulių miesto pavyzdžiu. Nagrinėjami teoriniai nedarbo aspektai. Plačiai analizuojama ilgalaikių bedarbių sąvoka, išskiriamos ilgalaikį nedarbą sąlygojančios subjektyvios, objektyvios ir nekontroliuojamos priežastys. Atliktas kiekybinis ir kokybinis ilgalaikių bedarbių tyrimas padėjo ne tik charakterizuoti pagrindinius ilgalaikio bedarbio bruožus, bet ir sudaryti socialinį Šiaulių miesto ilgalaikio bedarbio portretą. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe increasing process of globalization and Europeanization in Lithuania induces some changes in the labour market, which highlight the effect of unemployment for economical and social country development. The social portrait of long-term unemployed by the example of Šiauliai city has been analyzed in the article. It has also been examined the aspects of unemployment. Unemployment is one of the most relevant and intractable problems not only in Lithuania, but also in the whole world. The abilities and qualification might be lost during the time of long-term unemployment, as well as the person’s thinking may change and self-confidence may decrease. The concepts of unemployed and long-term unemployed have been widely analyzed, the reasons of long-term unemployment have also been distinguished in the theoretical and practical part. The quantitative and qualitative research of unemployed has been presented in the article in order to characterize the most important features of long-term unemployed as well as to create the social portrait of long-term unemployed. The subject of the investigation is the long-term unemployed of Šiauliai city. The aim of the present study is to reveal the social portrait of long-term unemployed of Šiauliai city. The theoretical and practical results (the social portrait of long-term unemployed) reveal the novelty of the article. [From the publication]

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