"...Noriu būti tavo knygoje...": XIX amžiaus pirmosios pusės moterų atminimų albumai (lietuviškieji pavyzdžiai)

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"...Noriu būti tavo knygoje...": XIX amžiaus pirmosios pusės moterų atminimų albumai (lietuviškieji pavyzdžiai)
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"...I want to be in your book...": women's friendship books of the first half of the 19th century (Lithuanian cases)
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19 amžius; Bibliotekos / Libraries.
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LTStraipsnyje apžvelgiamas XIX amžiaus Lietuvos moterų atminimų albumas kaip reikšminga to meto kasdienos dalis. Aptariama albumų tematika, meninė vertė bei simbolika. Daug dėmesio skiriama albumistikos istoriografijai. Mėginama brėžti atminių albumo vietą egodokumentinėje erdvėje. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Albumistika; Atminimo albumas; Egodokumentai; Egodokumentas; Istorija (XIX a.); Lietuvos literatūra; Lietuvos mokslų akademijos Vrublevskių biblioteka (LMA Vrublevskių biblioteka; LMAVB; Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences); XIX amžiaus moterų atminimų albumas; Albums; Egodocuments; Egodokument; Friendship book; History (the 19th century); Lithuanian Academy of Sciences of the Wroblewski Library; Lithuanian literature; Nineteenth century women's memories album.

ENUntil now, the 19th century friendship book studies have been a domain that has mainly concerned literaturologists, folklorists and art critics. It was only recently that this unique testament to private life has attracted the attention of historians, too – first of all, in the light of researching the history of day-to-day living. Lithuania is still performing quite modestly on the 19th century friendship book studies front, and the friendship books themselves lack a registry and structure as well. Of the eleven friendship books of women that were used for the purposes of this study (all of the books are stored at the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences), only four have ever appeared briefly in scientific literature. Chronologically, the friendship books addressed in this study cover the period between 1808 and 1879. Eight of the albums are from the so-called boom years of friendship book studies – they had been written in before the year 1850. Ten friendship books are directly related with families of Lithuanian nobles and the historical and cultural landscape of this country. Four albums can be referred to as "elite", as they reveal obvious creative aspirations of women and point both to the high social standing of the owner, and her exclusive literary and artistic background. Six albums could be classed as "mass" albums, and there if one travel album as well. The eleven albums contain a total of 407 entries, yet their intensity varies a lot: the largest number of entries found in an album was 78, the smallest 5.Lithuanian women’s albums of the 19th century hold in them every usual thematic dimension: friendship, love and separation, yet some of them contain quite uncharacteristic dimensions, such as the social role of women and even the so-called historical emphasis. As often as not, friendship books of Lithuanian women of the 19th century cannot be said to hold an unusual lot of autographs by famous people, and entries by or signatures of historical figures we today find important occur in them more as an exception rather than as a rule. However, the Lithuanian friendship book, just like its opposite European number is, too, defined by expressive symbolic language. As many as five of the albums that were used in this study can be considered bordering on artistry – in other words, they clearly negate the view that illustration played but the second fiddle in friendship books. There is a certain degree of complication attached to the classification of the friendship book as an egodocument. Even though entries are made from the first-person perspective and the books are not intended for press, they still possess a lot of characteristics of public material. [...]. [From the publication]

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