Studentų vertybių lyginamoji analizė

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Straipsnis / Article
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Studentų vertybių lyginamoji analizė
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Comparative professional and life values analysis of Klaipeda Bussiness and Technological College student's
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2007, Nr. 1 (10), p. 124-130
LDB Open.
Gyvenimo vertybės; Internalizacija; Profesinės vertybės; Studentų požiūris; Vertybė
Internalization; Life values; Professional values; Students attitude; Value
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje pristatomas tyrimas, kuriame norėta atskleisti Klaipėdos verslo ir technologijų kolegijos (KVTK) 2005/2006 m. ir 2006/2007 m. pirmų kursų studentų profesines ir gyvenimiškas vertybes. Ištyrus 211 pirmų kursų Verslo vadybą, Logistikos vadybą, Turizmo administravimą, Finansus bei Buhalterinę apskaitą studijuojančius studentus atskleista studentų profesinių ir gyvenimo vertybių svarba. [Iš leidinio]

ENValues are complicated and generalized definition. A lot of foreign and Lithuanian scientists determinate various aspects of values. Values grants direction for life, organizes and motivates human behaviour. In this research are analysing KBTC student's professional and life values, which motivates not only for professional carrier but also helps in choosing life direction. Aim of the research - to reveal the first year college students' professional and life values. Objectives of the research: 1. to determinate KVTK first year student's professional values; 2. to analyse KVTK first year student's life values; 3. to perceive the connection between the choice of the study programme and life and professional values. Object of the research: the first year college student's professional and life values. Research methods: questionnaire designed for the detection KBTC first year students' professional and life values. The students were handed in the lists of the professional and life values. They had to evaluate the importance of the values according to 5-point Likert type scale. Respondents: There were 211 respondents from Logistics management, Tourism administration, Finance, Financial accountancy and Business management studying program. Among the respondents there were 32% males and 68% females. Age varies among 18-25. The majority of the respondents (77%) were 19-20 years old. Conclusions: 1. The priority of work values is given for the interest in job.On the second place - for the good collective and good relations between colleges, on the third place - self-realization. The good reward for the job and other material conditions and the moral values are important too. 2. The priority of the life's values is given to development of the further career. On the second place - for the happy family creation, on the third place - for the good security of physical and mental health. The lowest life value is the full pleasure life. Work and life values help to gain the purposes in the personal career development. 3. The distribution of professional and life values according studying programs is not well-defined. The priority of professional and life values is given for interesting job, but the mean of life values higher than the mean of professional values. [From the publication]

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