Socializacija ir ugdymas vaikystėje (edukologinis požiūris)

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Straipsnis / Article
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Socializacija ir ugdymas vaikystėje (edukologinis požiūris)
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Socialization and bringing up in chilhood (social-educational point of view)
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2000, Nr. 4 (13), p. 61-72
Socializacija; Ugdymas; Vaikystė.
Bringing up; Childhood, Socialization, Education; Chilhood; Socialization.
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LTStraipsnyje sampratos „socializacija“, „ugdymas“ ir „vaikystė“ interpretuojamos kaip edukologijos mokslinės ir prakseologinės kategorijos, išryškinama jų socialinių kontekstų įvairovė. Socializacijos ir ugdymo sąsajos atskleidžiamos pačiame pirmajame žmogaus gyvenimo periode -vaikystėje, kartu nagrinėjami jų kokybinio funkcionavimo modeliai švietimo sistemos pirmosios grandies institucijose (vaikų darželiuose ir pradinėse mokyklose). [Iš leidinio]

ENChanging conditions in the society become apparent in democratic cultural principals based on relationships between children and adults, and at the same time excluding children due to their insufficient social maturity in society like a group with a special status. Attention to the problems of children's socialization and bringing up becomes distinctive in all social and humanistic sciences. It becomes a feature for educology, which reveals the problems of human bringing up during all his/her life. The first period of a human life is a childhood, which recently also received attention of educologists. Although a long time it was attributed to praeseological activity of a teacher and there was not enough links with a common human socialization and bringing up processes. That is the main reason for the lack of "Socialization and bringing up in the childhood" become not only important in educology, but at the same time brand new and even not enough explored field. Its complexity is in its exploring because they cannot be examined separately although all of them are enough complex many - layer. Without interdependence, revealing a variety of relationships is impossible to examine their educologic meanings, which are based on the clasification of three contexts on social conceptions. The quality modulation of the process of the socialization and bringing up especially becomes important in the childhood. [Text from author]

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