Architektas Jonas Kovalskis-Kova Lietuvoje ir emigracijoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Architektas Jonas Kovalskis-Kova Lietuvoje ir emigracijoje
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Architect Jonas Kovalskis-Kova in Lithuania and in emigration
In the Journal:
Urbanistika ir architektūra. 2004, t. 28, Nr. 1, p. 41-46
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Dekoratyvinė architektūra; Interjero dizainas; Liaudies architektūra; Liaudies architektūros formų transformacija; Modernizmas architektūroje; Modernizuoti klasikinio orderio elementai; Tautinis stilius; Tradicinės architektūros transformacija; „lietuviškas", „tautiškas" stilius; „lietuviškas", „tautiškas" stilius, interjero įrangos dizainas; Decorative architecture; Decorative architecture, folk architecture; Decorative architecture, modernized elements of classical order with national motives, interior design, "national style"; Interior design; Modernism in architecture; National style; Transformation of traditional architecture.
Architektūra / Architecture; Interjero dizainas; Jėzuitai / Jesuits; Liaudies menas / Folk art; lietuviškas, tautiškas stilius; lietuviškas, tautiškas stilius, interjero įrangos dizainas; Modernizmas / Modernism; Modernizuoti klasikinio orderio elementai; Tautinis stilius.
Summary / Abstract:

LTPateikiamas architekto J. Kovalskio-Kovos pedagoginis ir kūrybinis darbas, nagrinėjama įgyvendintų darbų stilistika. Jis modernizavo ir transformavo lietuvių liaudies architektūros formas. Analizuojami jo sukurti darbai Lietuvoje ir emigracijoje, JAV, Čikagoje. Modernizuodamas klasikinius orderio elementus, derindamas juos su tautiniais motyvais, neišvengė eklektikos ir stilizacijos. [Iš leidinio]

ENAn architect Jonas Kovalskis-Kova, after finishing his studies of architecture in France, Ecole Regionale Superieure des Beaux Arts in 1935, came back to Lithuania, and besides an administrative job started teaching at Vytautas Magnus University and was the director of decorative architecture studies in Kaunas Institute of Arts (1940-1944). J. Kovalskis was a man of the Western culture and a favorite teacher for his students. Before his emigration J. Kovalskis became famous in Lithuania as a talented, productive architect in designing buildings, interiors, and in territory planning. He was especially distinguished as an expert of interiors. By using the forms of Lithuanian folk architecture, transforming them, he created the famous interior of Kaunas Karininkų Ramovė and lots of other interiors and furniture. While coordinating modernized elements of classical order with national motives, he did not avoid eclecticism and stylization. When the Second World War reached Lithuania he emigrated to the West, and in 1949 he came to the USA, settled in Chicago and established a personal firm. He realized the following projects for the Lithuanians of Chicago: St. Cross Parish Sisters' Abbey (1954), Monastery of Marions, premises for „Draugas“ newspaper (1956), Jesuits' Monastery Chapel, Youth's Centre (1958), etc. J. Kovalskis-Kova used to write articles for the press of the Lithuanians' emigration, analyzed the problems of Lithuanian architecture, historical styles. In 1977 he died and was buried in the Lithuanians' Cemetery in Chicago. [Text from author]

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