Socialinės atsakomybės veiksnių ir pagrindinių šalies verslo rodiklių ryšys

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Straipsnis / Article
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Socialinės atsakomybės veiksnių ir pagrindinių šalies verslo rodiklių ryšys
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Correlation between social responsibility actions and the main business indices of the country
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Tarptautinis verslas: inovacijos, psichologija, ekonomika [International business: innovations, psychology, economics]. 2012, t. 3, Nr. 1, p. 210-219
SA tyrimai Lietuvoje; Socialinė atsakomybė; Įmoni socialinė atsakomybė; Įmonių socialinė atsakomybė.
Corporate social responsibility; SR research in Lithuania; Social responsibility; Social responsibility (SR).
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnio tikslas – atskleisti įmonės socialinės atsakomybės (toliau ĮSA) veiksnių ir verslo rodiklių ryšį. Ryšio vertinimas apima ĮSA priemonių poveikio vertinimą nuo 2000 m. bei siekiama atsakyti į klausimus, koks ĮSA veiksnių ir pagrindinių šalies įmonių rodiklių – eksporto apimties ir BVP pokyčių ryšys. Tyrimo metodologija apima statistinės informacijos, mokslinės literatūros ir normatyvinių dokumentų analizę, atliktų tyrimų apibendrinimus, ekspertinius vertinimus. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe aim of the research, carried out in Lithuania, was to evaluate corporate social responsibility (CSR) relations to business indices at the national level. The evaluation covers CSR mean values from year 2000, and it is sought to elucidate their impact on the main business indices on the national level. The research methodology covers statistical analysis, scientific literature, normative document analysis, other studies. A better condition of CSR was estimated in Lithuania. Here, CSR covers the analyzed factors. The corruption index is improving a bit; there are more organizations that have environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and social responsibility systems. There is strong correlation between the environmental management system certificates and export. It can be explained by the fart that the implementation of environmental standards is tied to the growth of GDP. By implementing such standards, an organization induces foreign partners to trust it. A weak correlation was found between GDP per person employed and the corruption index, the country’s spending on environmental protection, SR 8000, OHSAS 18001. Also, a weak correlation was found between export and the corruption index, the country’s spending on environmental protection, SR 8000, OHSAS 18001. The relation between these factors could be unknown because of a law alteration of factors. The influence of corruption could be very weak because of the unchanging situation of corruption in the country. The other factors had no direct influence on the changes of factors.The analyzed factors did not have any influence on the main business indices at the country level after a particular time interval. To reveal such regularities, the authors should have longer-term data, which are hard to find because of the short history of Lithuanian business. [From the publication]

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