Lietuvos eksportuojančios pramonės plėtra

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvos eksportuojančios pramonės plėtra
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Development of the Lithuanian exporting industry
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Lietuvos statistikos darbai [Lithuanian journal of statistics]. 2002, 39, p. 49-54, 79
Eksportas; Eksporto apimtis; Eksporto tendencijos; Eksportuojančioji pramonė; Eksportuojančios pramonės rodikliai; Lietuvos eksportas; Plėtra; Užsienio prekyba.
Development; Export; Export trends; Exporting industry; Exporting manufacturing indicators; Foreign trade; Lithuanian export; Volume of export.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje apžvelgiamos bendros Lietuvos eksporto prekybos tendencijos, prekių eksporto pasiskirstymas pagal regionus bei pateikiama pastarųjų metų eksportuojančios pramonės rodiklių raidos statistinė analizė. Pabrėžiama neabejotina eksporto apimties ir eksportuojamos pramonės produkcijos dalies greito augimo teigiama įtaka ne tik makro-, bet ir mikroekonomikos rodikliams. Parodoma, jog didelę dalį produkcijos eksportuojančių ir/ar sparčiai eksportą didinančių apdirbamosios pramonės šakų sukurtos pridėtinės vertės, pelningumo ir užimtumo rodikliai kokybiškai skiriasi (yra geresni) nuo eksportuojančių palyginti nedaug. Tai ypač ryškiai matyti nagrinėjant elektrinės ir optinės įrangos, metalo gaminių, medienos, tekstilės, gumos ir plastikų bei baldų pramonės šakas. [Iš leidinio]

ENA review of general tendencies of the Lithuanian exports, exports breakdown by territorial units as well as statistical analysis of exporting manufacturing indicators change over the recent years with the highlighted common regularities are presented in the article. Positive impact of fast growth of both expanding volumes of exports and the share of exports out of the total industry on the value added, profits and employment created by the industry is stressed. Considering the Russian crisis in the macroeconomic scale it might be stated that it obviously showed considerable dependence of the state of the Lithuanian economy on foreign trade. When in the second half-year of 1998 exports to Russia contracted almost twice, the volume of the Lithuanian exports markedly contracted, too. As a result, the booming economy of the country suddenly was followed by recession. Fortunately, last year, increase of exports became a fresh stream prompting recovery of the whole economy. Analysis of manufacturing branches showed that the change of indicators of the value added, profits and employment prompted by the crisis have not significantly changed in the branches whose share of exports is considerable and/or exports is fast expanding. It is particularly obvious when analyzing such industrial branches as manufacture of electric and optical equipment and apparatus, manufacture of fabricated metal products except machinery and equipment, manufacture of wood, textiles, rubber and plastic products and furniture.However, manufacture of chemicals and chemical products as well as manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products stand out as examples of exception. Although their exports share in sales is considerable enough, due to unfavourable condition in the world market they suffer great losses. It should be noted that after a marked shrink of the volume of exports to Russia and fall of domestic consumption in Lithuania our exporters succeeded to find new markets in 2000. The geography of Lithuanian exports became more varied, and nowadays exports to the European Union and other developed countries make up a significantly higher relative weight. Undoubtedly, growing exports will urge industrial development of the country in the nearest future. [Text from author]

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