Teisė ir menas: neišvengiama sąveika

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Teisė ir menas: neišvengiama sąveika
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Law and art: necessary interaction
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Teisė. 2012, t. 82, p. 93-106
Menas / Art; Teisė; Teisės prigimtis ir esmė; Teismai. Teismų procesai. Teismų knygos / Trials. Courts.
Law; Legal nature and essence; Lithuanian case law.
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LTStraipsnyje yra keliami teisės prigimties klausimai. Teigiama, kad teisė turi būti vertinama ne tik kaip mokslo pagrindu egzistuojantis, bet ir kaip meno savybes reflektuojantis reiškinys. Straipsnyje nesiekiama paneigti mokslo įtakos ir naudos teisei, bet pabrėžiami meninės prigimties teisės požymiai. Straipsnio teiginiai, patvirtinantys teisės meninį pobūdį, yra aktualizuojami šiuolaikinės Lietuvos teismų praktikos pavyzdžiais. [Iš leidinio]

ENLaw has traditionally been considered to be a matter of science. Nevertheless, science cannot be assessed as being supreme source of knowledge. The authority of law as a science should be associated with the Enlightenment. The strongest expression of law as a science could be defined as legal positivism. However, the prominence of a science within the domain of law can be risky and provide conflicts between the objectives of law. The article is a seek to highlight that category law falls not only within the phenomenon of a science but also an art. At the same time it does not deny the influence of a science on law and related beneficial affects strengthening law. The article provides consistent insights on an impact of a science towards law. It examines how the prevailing ideas of the Enlightenment developed particularly strong scientific approach to the law known as legal positivism. The article claims on potential risk of scientific prominence in law, when the role of science in law is immoderate and certain values in law is denied as well. The article raises the idea of a necessity not to lose a sight of an art in a content of law. The theoretical insights on law in a context of art is presented in the article. The idea by which law could be understood as being not only a matter of science but also a matter of art is provided through the concept of deconstruction. Certain elements of art is distinguished, these are creation, beauty, astonishment, truth, and style. The analysis is based on a search of the reflections of aforementioned elements in Lithuanian caselaw. [From the publication]

1392-1274; 2424-6050
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