The History of post-soviet literature: challenges and models of a new identity

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The History of post-soviet literature: challenges and models of a new identity
Istorija; Istoriosofija; Iššūkiai; Literatūros istoriografija; Metodologija; Modeliai; Multikultūriškumas; Postsovietinė lietuvių literatūra; Tapatybė; Tautinis naratyvas.
Challenges; Historiography of Literature; Historiosophy; History; Identity; Methodology; Models; Multiculturalism; National Narrative; Post-soviet Lithuanian literature.
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ENIn this article, the author presents analyses of the history of post-Communist Lithuanian literature, focusing on large-scale academic publications: XX amžiaus literatūra (Literature of the 20th Century, 1995) by Vytautas Kubilius, Lietuvių literatūras istorija: XIX amžius (History of Lithuanian Literature: the 19th Century, 2001), compiled by Juozas Girdzijauskas, and Lietuvių literatūros istorija: XIII-XVIII amžius (History of Lithuanian Literature: the 13th-18th Centuries, 2003), compiled by Eugenija Ulčinaitė and Albinas Jovaišas. Jurgutienė analyses the complex situation surrounding the writing of these texts, where, on one side, society awaits national literature (cultural) narratives, free of former Marxist distortion and censorship, that present the foundation of common values, while, on the other side, Western literary scholars strongly criticize traditional models of national history as obsolete phenomena. This issue is also connected to the demand, in Lithuanian historical scholarship, for the renewal of methodological approaches and narrative forms. The article discusses the attempts of literary scholars to change the customary ethnocentric model of historical narrative, to search for more contemporary forms of national cultural identity, based on Czeslaw Milosz's interpretation of the heterogenic Polish and Lithuanian culture (Native Realm), adopting multicultural, regional, Postcolonial, hermeneutic modes of analysis. [text from author]

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