Pagal pasakojimo meno logiką : metalepsė Dobilo romane

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Pagal pasakojimo meno logiką: metalepsė Dobilo romane
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According to the logic of the narrative art: metalepsis in a novel by Julijonas Lindė-Dobilas
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Darbai ir dienos [Deeds and Days]. 2003, t. 35, p. 211-216. Lietuvių rašytojai: XX amžiaus pradžia
Julijonas Lindė-Dobilas; Literatūra; Logika; Matalepsė; Metakalba; Metalepsė; Naratologija; Pasakojimas; Pasakojimo perspektyvos; Romanas; „Blūdas, arba Lietuva buvusios Rosijos mete".
"Blūdas"; Julijonas Lindė-Dobilas; Julijonas Lindė-Dobilasr; Lithuanian literature; Logic; Metalanguage; Metalepsis; Narrative perspective; Narratology; Novel; Story.
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ENAt present, the research of metalepsis is targeted at a renovation of metalanguage of narratology. The article proposes to classify metalepsis into internal references (in this case, facts of history and narration are mentioned) and external references (the world beyond the limits of fiction or another text are mentioned). Metalepsis is a violation of narrative levels. Such violations are particularly abundant in the novel "Blūdas" (1912) by Julijonas Lindė-Dobilas, which one of the earliest Lithuanian novels. In the novel, the narration is in the third person, however, it shifts to the second and the first person, which formally identifies metalepsis. In the novel "Blūdas", metalepsis describes an implied author or an implied reader. Metalepsis provides playfulness to the narration, it is used to compensate the prolixity and lack of intrigue. On the other hand, metalepsis does not remove the fictitiousness of the narration itself, but creates the effect of truth. Metalepsis discloses that, in addition to the narrative function, the narrator of the novel takes up on himself to perform the communicational and ideological functions as well. Metalepsis serves as away to the axiology of the novel. [text from author]

1392-0588; 2335-8769
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