Metodologinis moters profesinės karjeros sampratos tyrimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Metodologinis moters profesinės karjeros sampratos tyrimas
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Methodological research of proffesional career understanding
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2000, Nr. 16, p. 163-180
Panevėžys; Lietuva (Lithuania); Karjera / Career; Personalo vadyba / Personnel management.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojami moters profesinės karjeros tyrimo metodologiniai klausimai. Pristatomas multidisciplininis analizės požiūris: naujausių socialinių mokslų darbų šiuo klausimu apžvalga bei aktyvi asmeninė pozicija (nagrinėjama karjera asmenybės raidos kontekste). Pateikiama sociologinė lyčių identiteto analizė ir subjektyviosios padėties (jausenos) vertinimo teoriniai aspektai. Pristatomas aprašomojo tyrimo organizavimas. Visa tai sudaro teorine bazę tiriant moterų socializacijos procesą profesinės karjeros raiškoje. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Profesinė karjera; Moterų profesinė karjera; Asmenybės raida; Professional career; Women professional career; Personality development.

ENIn this article methodological issues of research of women professional career are being analyzed. A multi-disciplined approach of analysis is presented: review of the most recent works of social science on this subject and active personal position (career is being considered in context of personality development). Sociological analysis of gender identity and theoretical aspects of evaluation of subjective position (perception) are presented as well. Organization of descriptive research is illustrated. All of the above compile a theoretical basis to research the process of women socialization in realization of professional career. Summarizing ideas expressed in this article, it is possible to make the following conclusions. Understanding of career in scientific literature is presented in four main meanings: career as achievements, mostly this is applied in work enviromcnt; career as proffesion, which can be more or less prestigious; career as consistent continuation of permanent work, every working person has his/her work history, career; career as sequence of various role experiences of the whole life. Different ways to understand carreer are possible: one is related to specific activity; another - with the planning and implementation of life road. Successful advancement of women in proffesional area was determined by general sociocultural events happening in society. Since the industrial revolutions in the second half of the XlXth century, a process of carreer, e.g. women's advancement in proffessional area, started. Participation of Lithuanian women in labour market and proffessional carreer were determined by three factors: high level of economic activity of women that allowed them to achieve equal rights among sexes more quickly; demographic - economic factors; self-realization.Labour of women importantly differentiates their identification with steps of socialeconomic status. Proffessional activities influence women's position in society, strenghten their satisfaction with life and create better conditions for personal self-realization. Objective judgement of the situation becomes versus subjective. Analysis of subjective position (perception) allows to cover the dynamics of the change of the research object. To analyse women proffessional career, a subjective evaluation method was chosen, that allows to determine how people imagine their position in the society and understand and anticipate people's behavior which is strongly influenced by attitudes. Size of the target is 625, when general set is more than 5000 cases of research and error equals 4%. To determine the target, a simple random group selection method was applied, because exact number of general target was known and lists of people able to participate in elections were used. This number must match proportions of general set according to the set variables of generations. The set of the research consists of three st groups of researched subjects: 1st group, born in year 1970-1979, in regional towns - 163 women (from them - 115 in Panevėžys city, 48 - in regional towns), and 85 women - in regional villages. 2nd group, born in year 1950-1959, in regional towns - 155 women (from them - 107 in Panevėžys city, 48 - in regional towns),and 68 women - in regional villages. 3rd group, born in year 1920-1929, in regional towns - 76 women (from them - 45 in Panevėžys city, 31 - in regional towns), and 79 - in regional villages. Comprehensive analysis of methodological issues creates possibilities to prepare for the descriptive research. A process of women socialization in realization of professional career is being analyzed. [From the publication]

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