Tinklinės rinkodaros, kaip verslo šakos, vertinimas konsultantų požiūriu

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Tinklinės rinkodaros, kaip verslo šakos, vertinimas konsultantų požiūriu
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Assessment of network marketing as a business branch from the consultants' point of view
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Finansai. Kapitalas / Finance. Capital; Rinka. Rinkodara / Market. Marketing; Vartotojai / Consumers; Verslas / Business.
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LTLietuvoje tinklinė rinkodara yra priskiriama prie besivystančių verslo šakų. Didžioji dalis lietuvių vis dar turi neigiamą nuomonę apie šią verslo šaką, kurią gretina su nelegaliomis finansinėmis piramidėmis. Informacijos trūkumas sukuria gandus ir mitus, dėl kurių kyla įtarumas bei nepasitikėjimas tinkline rinkodara. Straipsnyje pristatomi kokybinio tyrimo, kurio informantai buvo įvairią patirtį tinklinės rinkodaros srityje turintys konsultantai, rezultatai. Tyrimo metu atskleistas tinklinės rinkodaros, kaip verslo šakos, specifiškumas bei jos privalumai ir trūkumai lyginant su tradiciniu verslu. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Finansinė piramidė; Kokybinė turinio analizė; Tinklinė rinkodara; Vartotojų nepasitikėjimas; Verslas; Business; Content analysis; Customer distrust; Financial pyramid; Lithuania; Network marketing.

EN[…] In Lithuania, the network marketing is subject to allocation to the newly developed businesses, which are based on distribution of the products of distribution enterprises. […] The companies of network marketing act under a certain scheme, which usually does not limit the number of distributors. Each consultant may involve into his/her group (level) unlimited numbers of new distributors. However some network business companies limit their numbers of distributors making binary, trinomial or any other number systems. The network marketing is often identified as a pyramid system – the higher standing do not themselves sell goods – they organise seminars, trainings, sell promotional materials as well as motivate people. Hence, the network marketing and the pyramid system are not the one and the same way of business. It is proven by different objectives of these business forms, different operating costs, legal status and other aspirations. In the article, there are presented the results of the qualitative research, in which the respondents were consultants with various experience in the area of the network marketing. During the research, the specificity of the network marketing as a business branch was revealed as well as the advantages and disadvantages thereof in comparison with conventional businesses. Generalising the results of the qualitative research, it is possible to state that all respondents, who started to work in any branch of the network business, could see more advantages than disadvantages. Tangible benefit in the network marketing is one of the biggest advantages in this business branch. The most often statement was that it was the possibility to earn additional money and especially if a person was employed somewhere else.Furthermore, such important aspect that any huge investments and sometimes even any investments are not necessary in order to start working with a network marketing company was also emphasised. Another advantage emphasised by the respondents as one of the most important ones was business opportunities. Working in this business branch, distributors may involve their family members, friends, acquaintances. Often communication with clients gives new contacts, which usually give an opportunity to increase the circle of friends. Such contacts are always useful in the business of any area. It shall be emphasised that this business gives an opportunity to start trade under favourable conditions also in foreign markets. As every business, the network marketing has its disadvantages, which may be internal and external. The respondents indicated the difficulties of communication as one of the biggest minuses of the network marketing. They become especially obvious when a person, who newly starts his/her work as a consultant, does not know how to start a conversation with a potential client, how to present a product, how to communicate with one or another client and how to maintain consistent relationships between a customer and a distributor. However it is also important that the respondents rather often meet delayed orders. A long period of time from the order of a product to the delivery thereof to the customer is rather often. Another other biggest external disadvantage of this business is customer distrust. This problem arises because people compare the network marketing with illegal financial pyramids, which target is to "recruit" people into their illegal activities. [From the publication]

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