Nevyriausybinių organizacijų socialinės-edukacinės paslaugos šeimai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Nevyriausybinių organizacijų socialinės-edukacinės paslaugos šeimai
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Socio-educational services for families provided by non-govermental orgnanisations
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Educkacinės paslaugos; Komunikaciniai gebėjimai; Mokymas; Nevyriausybinės organizacijos; Socialinės – edukacinės paslaugos šeimai; Šeima.
Communicative abilities; Educational services; Family; Non-governmental organization; Non-governmental organizations; Social - educational services for family; Training.
Summary / Abstract:

LTŠio straipsnio tikslas – atskleisti, nevyriausybinių organizacijų, teikiamas socialines edukacines paslaugas šeimai. Pirmojoje straipsnio dalyje, teoriniame lygmenyje analizuojama nevyriausybinių organizacijų (toliau NVO) samprata, pateikiamos pagrindinės jų funkcijos. Antroje dalyje išryškinama šeimos problematika kaitos procese bei jos santykis su šiomis organizacijomis socialinių – edukacinių paslaugų teikimo erdvėje. Trečioje dalyje pateikiama atlikto empirinio tyrimo, atskleidžiančio NVO teikiamas socialines edukacines paslaugas šeimai, analizė. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe topicality of the article: economical and social changes, unemployment, differentiation in property had influenced on a great number of families: natality is decreasing, but number of poor families with children is increasing. State institutions in Lithuania are not able satisfy humans needs services. That’s why is very important to invite the non-governmental organizations to help. Consequently, the aim of the article is to find out abilities to render social educational services for family. The object of the research: the social educational services of the non-goverrnmental organizations.The following tasks have been set to achieve the aim of the research: 1. Find out the importance of the non-governmental organizations as social-educational services renders. 2. Characterize family as the non-governmental organizations services receiver. 3. Empirically to determine social-educational services of the non-governmental organizations. The methods of the research: analysis of scientific literature, analysis of documents, questioning. The non-governmental organizations take an important part in social-educational services. Refer to findings Kaunas non-governmental organizations often render these social services: information, mediaton, mutual help group organization, sending for further help; educational services: communicative abilities, training, summer camps, seminars, occupation organization, excursion organization, and its becomes apparent more often. Social and educational services are rendered at the same time. [From the publication]

1822-1068; 2335-8904
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