Teisėto aborto sąvoka pagal Lietuvos teisės aktus

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Straipsnis / Article
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Teisėto aborto sąvoka pagal Lietuvos teisės aktus
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Concept of legal abortion according to Lithuanian laws
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Teisė. 2011, t. 81, p. 60-72
Lietuvos teisės aktai; Abortas, teisėtas; Lietuvos Respublikos baudžiamasis kodeksas; Lietuvos teismų praktika.
Lithuanian legislation; Legal abortion; Criminal code of Lithuania; Lithuanian case-law.
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LTStraipsnyje, analizuojant galiojančius Lietuvos teisės aktus ir teismų praktikos pavyzdžius, siekiama atskleisti Lietuvoje pripažįstamą teisėto aborto sąvoką. Nagrinėjami tiek iš Lietuvos Respublikos baudžiamojo kodekso išplaukiantys, tiek šiuos požymius detalizuojantys bei kai kurie papildomi teisėto aborto požymiai, įtvirtinti kituose teisės aktuose. Straipsnyje taip pat vertinamas kai kurių teisėto aborto požymių aiškinimas Lietuvos teismų praktikoje. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article deals with concept of legal abortion that is being recognized in Lithuania according to its legislation in force and case-law. The present analysis is significant in theory as well as in legal practice. In addition, the importance of this analysis can be illustrated in figures: about 8000 to 9000 legal abortions are still performed in Lithuania annually. In general, abortion is recognized to be legal if it is performed at the request of the pregnant woman by person with the right arising from law to terminate pregnancy at a health care establishment in the absence of contraindications. The article deals with both, i. e. the above-mentioned requirements for legal abortion that follow from the Criminal code of Lithuania and that are provided for in other laws. Lithuanian legislation provides for requirements for termination of pregnancy that are different in their importance. That is why it remains unclear when a person will be held legally liable for the violation of particular requirements and when will not. Therefore it is come to a conclusion that the concept of legal abortion in this sense can be treated to be evaluative. In other words the content of the concept in particular cases can depend on the circumstances of certain case and evaluation of requirements that were violated. [From the publication]

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