Konstitucinė valstybės tarnybos samprata ir valstybės tarnybos tobulinimo koncepcija

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Konstitucinė valstybės tarnybos samprata ir valstybės tarnybos tobulinimo koncepcija
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Constitutional concept of civil service and Lithuanian civil service improvement guidelines (2010)
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Teisė. 2011, t. 78, p. 119-136
Konstitucinė teisė; Viešasis adminstravimas; Valstybės tarnyba; Lietuvos Respublikos Konstitucinis Teismas.
Constitutional law; Public administration; Civil service; Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje iš konstitucinės teisės perspektyvos nagrinėjama dabartinė Lietuvos viešojo administravimo ir valstybės tarnybos sistema, lyginami du pagrindiniai viešojo administravimo modeliai. Šiems tikslams pasiekti gana detaliai nagrinėjama Konstitucinio Teismo suformuluota konstitucinės valstybės tarnybos sampratos jurisprudencija. Vienas iš pagrindinių straipsnio tikslų – konstituciškai įvertinti 2010 metais Vyriausybės parengtą Valstybės tarnybos tobulinimo koncepciją ir įstatymų leidėjui pateikti su jos įgyvendinimu susijusius konkrečius pasiūlymus. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article designed in order to start the scientific discussion concerning the purpose and constitutionality of the Lithuanian civil service improvement guidelines, developed and announced by Lithuanian government in the beginning of 2010. In the first chapter of the article the main characters of two models of civil service are presented in order better understand the Lithuanian system of public management. In the second chapter – legal documents on Lithuanian civil service and its genesis of adoption is analysed; some legal gaps and its inconvenience is demonstrated. The third chapter of the article is devoted to the jurisprudence of Lithuanian Constitutional Court in order to better understand so called “constitutional concept of civil service”, developed by this court. In the very last chapter the author presents the main principles of the Lithuanian civil service improvement guidelines (2010) and juxtaposes them with the jurisprudence of Lithuanian Constitutional Court.In the end of the article some conclusions and proposals for Lithuanian legislature have been drawn: i) although Civil service improvement guidelines (2010) should be regarded as rather new paradigm in Lithuanian civil service context, nevertheless this document does not contradict the constitutional concept of civil service, developed by the Constitutional Court; ii) the Lithuanian Constitutional Court was changing its jurisprudence concerning the concept of public management during the last decade: from centralised to more balanced model of civil service; iii) some recommendations are formulated for exemption of so called “warranted officers” (e.g. police officers) from the regulation of Lithuanian Civil Service Act, for their legal status is rather different from those of other public servants; iv) some other recommendations are formulated for improvement of the provisions of Lithuanian Civil Service and Public Management acts concerning the functions of so called “warranted officers”, in order to adjust them with the jurisprudence of Lithuanian Constitutional Court, according to which – a civil service is always to be related with the functions of public management, which is not the characteristic feature of some warranted officers. [From the publication]

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