Darnaus vystymosi strategijos įgyvendinimas Radviliškio rajono švietimo institucijose

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Straipsnis / Article
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Darnaus vystymosi strategijos įgyvendinimas Radviliškio rajono švietimo institucijose
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Implementation of sustainable development educational strategy within educational institutions of Radviliškis district
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Ekonomika ir vadyba: aktualijos ir perspektyvos. 2010, Nr. 3 (19), d. 1, p. 245-251
Darnaus vystymosi švietimas; Darnus vystymasis; Darnus vystymasis, darnaus vystymosi; Strategija; Strateginis planas; Švietimas, strategija, strateginis planas.
Strategy; Sustainable development education; Sustainable development strategy; Sustainable development; Sustainable development, sustainable development.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamas darnaus vystymosi švietimo strategijos įgyvendinimas Radviliškio rajono švietimo institucijose, išsiaiškinama, kokiais būdais, priemonėmis ir metodais yra diegiamos darnaus vystymosi strategijos nuostatos. Analizuojamas pedagogų požiūris į darnų vystymąsi. Tyrimas parodė, kad švietimo darbuotojai iš dalies taiko darnaus vystymosi strategijos nuostatas, jų žinios apie darnų vystymąsi nėra išsamios, o švietimo įstaigų strateginiuose planuose požiūris į darnaus vystymosi švietimo strategijos reikšmingumą yra formalus. [Iš leidinio]

ENIn this article implementation of the sustainable development strategy within educational institutions of Radviliškis district is examined as well as different ways, measures and methods used in implementing the sustainable development strategy provisions are explored. In addition the teacher‘s attitude towards sustainable development is analyzed. The investigation and assessment of the respondent‘s opinion reveal that the educational personnel partly adapt the sustainable development strategy provisions; their knowledge about sustainable development is not exhaustive, whereas their attitude towards significance of the sustainable development education strategy provided in educational institution‘s strategic plans is rather formal. While integrating the provisions of sustainable development into the process of education, the educational personnel lack information, knowledge, comprehension and motivation. This suggests that the educational personnel are not yet fully prepared to educate in accordance with the provisions of sustainable development. Sustainable development is related with increase of economics, natural resource saving and answering of people needs. Majority of educationalists know the concept of sustainable development. However, they are not informed about it enough. People have some motives to keep economical, social and environment protections requirements of sustainable development. There are communication, knowledge, expertise and innovations. To learn during all life span is important to person‘s environment cognition. Progressive society‘s changes create education and caliber.They are the most important assumptions of sustainable development and device of permanent alternation. The study results showed that sustainable development‘s attitudes are not as well perceived because of the lack of motivation, intercourse and society briefing. Majority of educationalists state that sustainable development‘s attitudes are used at the education process. According the research and managers do not have competent awareness about sustainable development. In Radviliškis area educational system‘s employees include sustainable development strategy‘s attitudes in their professional activity. At educational institution‘s plans the approach of sustainable development education strategy's importance is very formal. [From the publication]

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