Įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos ugdymo problematika : ugdymo proceso veikėjų funkcijos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos ugdymo problematika: ugdymo proceso veikėjų funkcijos
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Profesinis rengimas: tyrimai ir realijos [Vocational training: research and realities]. 2008, Nr. 16, p. 28-39
Kompetencijos / Competencies; Profesinis rengimas / Vocational training.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje pristatomas mokslinis tyrimas, kuriame pateikiama įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos samprata analizuojant įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos turinį bei raišką profesiniame rengime. Daug dėmesio skiriama ugdymo problematikai nagrinėti, analizuojant ugdymo proceso veikėjų funkcijas, reikšmingas įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos ugdymui profesiniame rengime. Teorinio tyrimo rezultatai grindžiami empirinio tyrimo - profesinio rengimo institucijų mokytojų požiūrio į įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos ugdymo funkcijų svarbą - rezultatais. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Kompetencija; Profesinis rengimas; Įsidarbinamumas; Įsidarbinamumo gebėjimai; Įsidarbinamumo kompetencija; Įsidarbinamumo kompetencija, profesinis rengimas; Compentency; Employability; Employability competence; Employability competency; Employability competency, vocational training; Employability skills; Vocational education and training; Vocational training.

ENCapacitating and promoting employability in the European Union's labour market is one of the fundamental provisions provided in documents since 1999. Therefore, the goal of participants of vocational training - to prepare themselves/others for employability - should be one of the priority objectives of vocational training responding to the natural demand of the labour market and strategic documents at the European and national levels. Increasing migration of young people - including top qualification specialists - to other countries shows that most of the employees in Lithuania are not prepared for employment and work. Thus, the problem of training and learning employability competency becomes more and more relevant. The importance of the employability competency has been grounded through the analysis of approaches of the activity system and vocational training. Scientific data grounding the structure of the employability competency has been organised. The employability competency in vocational training has been perceived and development of competency modelled through the analysis of content and expression of employability competency. Thus, the concept of employability competency is supplemented. Employability competency development in vocational training has been created based on the results of interaction between the participants of the vocational training process and the factors of training content. [text from author]

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