Marketingo strategijos ir marketingo komplekso elementų taikymas turizmo organizacijose : teorinis aspektas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Marketingo strategijos ir marketingo komplekso elementų taikymas turizmo organizacijose: teorinis aspektas
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Theoretical aspect of marketing strategy and marketing mix application in tourism organizations
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Mokslas ir edukaciniai procesai [Science and process of education]. 2009, Nr. 2 (8), p. 95-119
Marketingo kompleksas; Marketingo strategija; Turizmo įmonė.
Marketing complex; Marketing mix; Marketing strategy; Marketing strtegy; Tourism company.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nuosekliai analizuojami marketingo strategijos ypatumai turizmo įmonėje. Pateikiamia informacija, kuo turizmo įmonėje formuojama marketingo strategija skiriasi nuo gamybinėje ar kitokio pobūdžio įmonėje formuojamos marketingo strategijos. Taip pat gilinamasi į marketingo strategijos reikšmę turizmo įmonei. Mokslinės literatūros analizės pagrindu nustatomi marketingo komplekso elementų ypatumai turizmo įmonėje bei jų tarpusavio ryšiai. [Iš leidinio]

ENTourism enterprises are increasingly seeking to stand out from the other tourist companies offered their services, their quality, excellent service, or other policies. To this goal, the tourism organization begins to look to new forms of organization. One of the ways is the marketing activities organization, which helps the company to establish itself in certain markets, to better understand the needs of the targeted segment, to provide new products, their modification, etc. In order to best implement all these steps tourism company should have a proper marketing strategy and marketing complex elements, which are different from the production sphere formed. For this reason, article analyzes the characteristics of the marketing strategy in tourism company, the main differences that set the tourism company's marketing strategy from the production or other sphere's marketing strategy. In addition, the article presents the marketing complex elements features and their mutual relations in the tourism organization. [From the publication]

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