Socialinių paslaugų teikimo Lazdijų rajono savivaldybėje vertinimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Socialinių paslaugų teikimo Lazdijų rajono savivaldybėje vertinimas
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Assesment of social services provided in the Lazdijai region municipality
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Socialinis darbas [Social Work]. 2009, t. 8, Nr. 2, p. 142-152
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Assessment of social services; Paslaugų gavėjų požiūris į gaunamas paslaugas; Socialinių paslaugų teikimas; The attitude of residents towards the received services; Assessment of social services; The attitude of residents towards the received services.
Assessment of social services; attitude of residents towards the received services; Prekės ir paslaugos / Goods and services; Socialinių paslaugų teikimas.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamas socialinių paslaugų organizavimas ir teikimas, aptariama socialinių paslaugų teikimo tvarka. Nepalanki demografinė tendencija Lazdijų rajono savivaldybėje, didėjantis socialinių paslaugų poreikis, todėl būtina tobulinti socialinių paslaugų teikimo modelį ir didinti jo efektyvumą. Dėl tos priežasties straipsnyje analizuojamas šio rajono savivaldybės gyventojų, paslaugų gavėjų, požiūris į gaunamas paslaugas, pateikiamas gaunamų socialinių paslaugų vertinimas. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe main objective of social services is the restoration of an individual's ability to take care of him or herself and integration into society by creating dignified living conditions in the case that an individual cannot take care of himself. The growing need for social services is currently exceeding available resources. Therefore it is necessary to look for more effective ways in organising and providing such services. The Lazdijai region municipality is responsible for providing social services to the residents of its territory, i.e. planning and administering social services, as well as quality control of general social services and social care. Unfavourable demographic trends in the Lazdijai region municipality and the increasing need for social services necessitate improvement of the model for the provision of social services, and the increase of its effectiveness. In view of this, the article analyses the attitude of residents of the above municipality towards the received services, and provides an assessment of received social services. According to the analysis, the social services most commonly provided to residents of the Lazdijai municipality are information, counseling, mediation and representation (in solving housing, employment, care and social work problems), as well as social skills development.Fewer are cases of municipal support for day care and daytime social activity for children, free meals at the canteen. Every tenth respondent was not satisfied with the planning of summer camps for children, provision of accessibility devices, adaptation of housing to the needs of the disabled, day occupation for adults and temporary lodging. The Lazdijai region municipality needs to extend the network of current services and establish a network of new social services, improve the quality of provided social services, develop human resources, expand social projects and submit applications for support in implementing these projects. The study also recommended an increase in the diversity of non-institutional social services and improvement in their quality. [From the publication]

1648-4789; 2029-2775
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