Statybos rangos sutartys : kvalifikavimo problemos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Statybos rangos sutartys: kvalifikavimo problemos
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Construction contracts: problems of qualification
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Teisė. 2009, t. 70, p. 36-50
Statybos rangos sutartys; Sutarčių kvalifikavimas; Lietuvos Respublikos civilinis kodeksas; Lietuvos Respublikos statybos įstatymas.
Construction contracts; Qualification of contracts; Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania; Law on Construction.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamos aktualios statybos rangos sutarčių kvalifikavimo problemos, analizuojamos statybos rangos sutarčių atskyrimo nuo kitų rangos sutarčių ir būsimo gyvenamojo namo ar buto pirkimo- pardavimo sutarčių problemos, tiriamas statybos rangos ir pirkimo-pardavimo sutarčių bei vartojimo rangos ryšys. Straipsnio tikslas - iškelti problemas, susijusias su statybos rangos sutarčių kvalifikavimu, ir pasiūlyti jų sprendimo būdų. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article deals with relevant issues related to interpretation of construction contracts. The analysis of the judicial practice has shown that courts not always manage to solve the interpretation-related problems of such contracts justly, though the interpretation might bring about a different final judgement in a legal case. The article analyses the issues of differentiation between a construction contract and a contract on sale of the future residential house or apartment, as well as the relations between construction contracts, sales contracts and contracts on consumer independent work. It was determined that courts make an incorrect differentiation between construction contracts and contracts on sale of the future residential house or apartment. The authors think that sometimes - making an interpretation of legal relations covering construction of flats in multi-storey residential buildings - the parties must be deemed having concluded a contract which has both features of a construction contract and of a contract on sale of the future residential house or apartment. The method of division should be used more frequently in interpretation of mixed contracts, which have the features of both a construction and a sales contract; otherwise, infringement of a client's (buyer's) right to get warrantee for construction work as defined in the Civil Code and the Law on Construction might occur. The authors think that an incorrect case law, when the provisions of a construction contract are not applied in case of a contract on consumer independent work, is in the process of forming. When contractual relations cover consumer independent work during a construction process, the provisions regulating the construction independent work should be applicable as the general provisions, and the provisions regulating the consumer independent work should be applicable as the special provisions. [From the publication]

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