Moteris šiuolaikiniuose folkloriniuose lietuvių tostuose

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Straipsnis / Article
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Moteris šiuolaikiniuose folkloriniuose lietuvių tostuose
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Woman in the contemporary Lithuanian folk toasts
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Lyčių studijos ir tyrimai. 2009, 7, p. 92-100
Tostas; Lietuvių folkloras; Moteris; Vyras; Lytis; Seksualumas..
Toast; Lithuanian folklore; woman; Man; Sex; Sexuality; Lithuanian folklore; Gender; Sexuality..
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnio objektas - šiuolaikiniai folkloriniai lietuvių tostai, kuriuose kalbama apie moterį. Tyrimo šaltiniai - VDU Etnologijos ir folkloristikos katedros rankraštyne saugomi tostų užrašymai. Supažindinus su šiuolaikinių folklorinių tostų specifika, iš lyčių studijų pozicijų analizuojamas moters paveikslas: atskleidžiama, kaip tostuose aiškinama moters kilmė, vertinamas moters seksualumas, traktuojama žmona. Konstatuojama, kad daugumoje tostų į moterį žvelgiama vyro akimis, o diskursą apie seksą linkstama užmaskuoti. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe aim of the present study is to address the problem of the image of the woman in the contemporary Lithuanian folk toasts. It is relevant to find out the peculiarities of presenting the woman in this folklore genre, which is widespread today, because the research may contribute to a deeper cognition of gender and popular culture's phenomena. As sources for research, toast texts, preserved in the archives of the Department of Ethnology and Folklore at Vytautas Magnus University, were used. [...] The following conclusions are presented: 1) The artistic image of a woman rather depends on the genres, to which the introductions of the toasts are referring. 2) The woman tends to be viewed from a masculine point of view: the ideal woman is a sex object, easily reachable by men, or a wife, carrying the responsibility for the fortune of the family. 3) For a part of the toasts a masked discourse about sex is characteristic and, after encoding it, it becomes clear that the toasts about a woman reflect a junction of the old. Christian, and the new moral. 4) As an entertaining public discourse, whose main function is appellant, by saying toasts it is sought to suggest a certain attitude towards the woman, however, the expressed ideas sometimes should be considered a joke. [From the publication]

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