Sovietinės moters "kūrimas" sovietų Lietuvoje ir Sovietų Sąjungoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Sovietinės moters "kūrimas" sovietų Lietuvoje ir Sovietų Sąjungoje
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Creation of soviet woman in the Lithuanian soviet socialist republic and in the Soviet Union
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Lyčių studijos ir tyrimai . 2009, 7, p. 36-45
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moteris sovietinėje visuomenėje; sovietinė ideologija; socialinė politika; sovietinė Lietuva; Sovietų Sąjunga; sovietų sąjunga; sovietinė moteris; moters padėtis
woomen in Soviet community; sovietic ideology; social politics; soviet Lithuania; Soviet Union; soviet women; women's position
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojama XX a. 5-7 deš. prasidėjęs sovietinės moters kūrimas. 1945 m. Lietuvoje buvo įkurtas Lietuvos moterų departamentas, priklausantis nuo Maskvos. Jo tikslas buvo skleisti sovietinė ideologiją, nors jis kėlė ir kitus uždavinius: moterų neraštingumo bei alkoholizmo panaikinimą bei moterų įdarbinimą. Moterų departamentas. Moterų tarybos buvo kuriamos visoje Lietuvoje ir jų tikslas buvo moterų klausimo sprendimas. Sovietų Sąjungoje buvo moterų klausimas iškeltas 1918 m. ir buvo vykdomas visą sovietų valdžios gyvavimo laikotarpį. [Iš leidinio]

EN[...] In 1940 women organizations in the Soviet Lithuania were closed and their leaders either emigrated or were exiled to the Siberia, and the Soviet officials claimed that women's issue did not exist. In August 1945 Women department of Lithuanian Communist Party was created. The department initiated establishment of Women Councils in all regions of Lithuania.[...] In 1946, after the first congress of Lithuanian women workers in Vilnius the councils attempted to mass women and inform the society about the "women's issue". From the 1950s the "women's issue" in Soviet Lithuania was solved following the orders of the Soviet Union. First of all, their rights were equalled to the ones of men. They could freely choose a profession, a place of residence and get education. The principle of equality between a man and a woman was embedded in all important documents of the country, first in the 1940's and later in the 1978's Constitution of Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. The aim of the paper is to explore how the woman's position in the society was portrayed in Lithuania from 1940 to the middle of the 1970s. It tackles the legal position of a woman in the Soviet society, her social functions and the factors which determined attribution of these functions to her. The scarce archival data, Soviet laws, press and propaganda material, works by contemporary Lithuanian and Russian authors are analyzed applying description, overview and interpretation. The author also discusses creation ofa soviet woman in Russia and other USSR states. [From the publication]

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