Studentų tautinio išsiauklėjimo tyrimas Klaipėdos universitete

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Studentų tautinio išsiauklėjimo tyrimas Klaipėdos universitete
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Acta paedagogica Vilnensia. 2005, t. 15, p. 165-175
Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity.
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LTStraipsnyje aprašomas kiekybinis tyrimas, kurio objektas – dabartinių pirmųjų kursų studentų tautinis išsiauklėjimas, ieškoma šio išauklėjimo naujausių pokyčių, lyginant 2002 m. ir 2004 m. duomenis (panašumus ir skirtumus). Pasirinkta imtis parodė, kaip baigusiems dabarties bendrojo lavinimo mokyklas įskiepytos tautinės vertybės.Reikšminiai žodžiai: Tauta; Etniškumas; Patriotizmas.

ENUniversity’s of Klaipeda students’ today’s culture research is described in the article, data, got in the end of 2002 y., in compared to data, got in the end of 2004 y. National upbringing’s dimension is analyzed. Conclusions: In two years’ time social trauma in Lithuania influence to academic youth has decreased: established, e. g., that there are a one third less students, who liked Lithuanian nation at the same time estimating it negative; the amount of students, who are favorably disposed towards their own nation, increased by one third. It showed up, that fathers educate their children more patriotically than mothers; unfortunately, men do not socialize with children enough. It was ascertained, that it is hard to educate youth patriotically because of the particularity of work in high school, but students’ national optimism can be raised. Lithuanian schools do not manage to indoctrinate love to native land worth – it stays in the lastplace between the students in the first courses and is important only for every fifteen student. With reference to working practice, it can be stated, that this worth should be indoctrinated from as early as possible, even before school. Despite the agitations, specific to international political unions, it is necessary to impose patriotic education course for pedagogical profile specialities’ students in Lithuanian high schools.

1392-5016; 1648-665X
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