Viešojo administravimo etikos aspektai Lietuvoje

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Viešojo administravimo etikos aspektai Lietuvoje
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Viešoji politika ir administravimas [Public Policy and Administration]. 2002, Nr. 1, p. 61-66
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LTSu viešojo administravimo etika siejasi pasitikėjimas valdžia ir atskiromis jos institucijomis, demokratija ir net pačia valstybe. Kintanti valstybės socialinė, ekonominė ir politinė aplinka viešojo administravimo etikai daro vis naujus iššūkius, ir vis aktualesni darosi jos teoriniai ir praktiniai aspektai. Todėl šiame straipsnyje analizuojamos aktualios viešojo administravimo etikos problemos ir tuo aspektu vertinama situacija Lietuvoje. [Iš leidinio]

ENDeeds and decisions made by Lithuanian politicians and public servants are deserving greater public and mass media attention whenever before. Authors directs readers attention to the aspects of significance of ethics in public administration, characterizes the situation of ethics in contemporary Lithuania. Ethical dimension in Lithuanian politics and administration is underestimated. Lithuania has several laws which define ethical principles for public servants, prohibit the conflict of interest etc. Laws without their effective implementation are worthless. Professional code of ethics for politicians and public servants, ethical education and training could help to create ethical climate and ensure public trust which are very important for democracy. Authors concludes that ethical politics and administration in Lithuania could be reached by formulating ethical strategy on the state level. [From the publication]

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