Assessment of competences of the governments of the Republic of Lithuania

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Assessment of competences of the governments of the Republic of Lithuania
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2023, Nr. 1 (39), p. 47-57
Vyriausybė / Government; Administravimas. Valstybės tarnyba / Administration. Public service.
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ENThe Government of the Republic of Lithuania is a state governance body that changes every four years. Good state governance is also essential for politicians to gain the trust of the citizens living in the country. The importance of state governance is critical because it depends on the wellfunctioning functions of government. Since the beginning of the restoration of independence, seventeen governments have completed their terms, and the eighteenth government is currently in power. The paper analyses the composition of the last ten governments in Lithuania (1999-2022) and the appointment of individuals to ministerial positions, categorising them as either politicians or specialists in their respective fields. Out of the ten governments analysed, it was discovered that eight consisted of politicians serving as ministers, while the other two had specialised ministers. The 17th government of Saulius Skvernelis had the highest number of specialist ministers. The majority of ministers in the 9th to 15th governments had backgrounds in law or economics. Political ministers are the dominant type in Lithuania and can be considered more stable and successful. These ministers are capable of withstanding political pressure, engaging with the public, and handling a variety of diplomatic situations. Specialist ministers, on the other hand, excel in their specific fields but are better suited for lower levels of government to support political ministers.These ministers tend to be less stable, experiencing more frequent changes during their tenure. Professional specialists face challenges in political work, as effectively identifying societal and workplace issues becomes more difficult due to factors such as communication, public interaction, reform drafting, and decision-making. The 15th government led by Andrius Kubilius was the most successful in terms of stability and duration in office. Keywords: Government of the Republic of Lithuania, specialist ministers, politicians ministers, state governance. [From the publication]

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