Paradox of creative culture - characteristics on freedom in norms of sustainable architecture

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Paradox of creative culture - characteristics on freedom in norms of sustainable architecture
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Journal of sustainable architecture and civil engineering [Darnioji architektūra ir statyba]. 2023, Vol. 33, no. 2, p. 15-29
Kultūra / Culture; Architektūra / Architecture; Estetika / Aesthetics.
Summary / Abstract:

ENContemporary challenges of sustainability are the results of civilisation action. This reveals necessity of humankind creative patterns (re)evaluation and, based on latest global tendencies, reformation into new – unprecedented – ways for anthropogenic artefacts, such as architecture, development and performance. Abundance of definitions on sustainability makes the task challenging by itself, especially, by changes in context of time and space as well as technological sophistication, interdisciplinarity. Therefore, the article, first of all, puts emphasis on finding the perception of sustainable development essence. It is explained as phased cultural characteristics aligning with range of human needs for outcomes, in terms of the study, named (re)solutions. The complex methodology, by the author formulated as technique 7R, explains the possibilities of sustainable architecture creation as freedom in norms, paradoxically, thus destining precedents and standards, such as traditions, revival rather than negligence. Review of scientific literature, documents, regulations and initiatives, in the first part of the study, serves for induction of sustainability characteristics appearing in alternative fields, such as economy, politics, knowledge, in the second part – of properties of architecture inherent to typological alternatives. Applying deduction principles, study suggests the derived means for sustainable architecture attributes, other types of human-made strategies, such as regulations on architecture. Case study of architecture examples the following findings and, argued also in non-scientific sources, serves for expertise on their authors’ critical creative intentions. The results are discussed, conclusions and suggestions are made. Keywords: paradox of creative culture, phases of sustainable culture, sustainable architecture, technique 7R, unprecedented architecture. [From the publication]

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