Are there Lithuanian traces in the Carpathians? (Terra Lytovoi). Notes on history

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Are there Lithuanian traces in the Carpathians? (Terra Lytovoi). Notes on history
Lietuva (Lithuania); Estija (Estonia); Latvija (Latvia); Kultūros istorija / Cultural history.
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ENIn the early historical period, the Baltic tribes were spread from the Baltic Sea coast far to the Orient. Baltic and Slavic historical ties trace up to the Urals (hydronyms, toponyms, archaeological researches, etc.). The oval oikumene populated by the Baltic tribes spread from the West to the East for almost 2000 kilometers ‐ from the Elbe River in the West to the confluence of the Volga and the Oka Rivers in the East. Unfortunately, the “analysis of links” with the peoples who lived in the South of Europe is limited only to the “amber ways”. There is no doubt that one of the “amber ways” was crossing through the Carpathian region and the Danube. I think that the “Balts” could live and to be (or even rule) Southern Europe. I refer to the historical example of centuries‐old European migrations and resettlements of Goths. How far the Baltic tribes’ boundaries were spread to the South? Were the "Balts" spread to Southern the Northern extremity of the Carpathians? Is it well known that the Slavs were living in the South of the Carpathians. Maybe they were living together with the "Balts"? It seems that after the works of Jonas Basanavičius nobody was seriously involved in searching historical links between Balkan and Baltic regions. [Extract, p. 287]

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