From neighbourhood to partnership: highlights of Lithuania's relations with Romania and Moldova

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Knyga / Book
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From neighbourhood to partnership: highlights of Lithuania's relations with Romania and Moldova
Miloiu, Silviu, redaktorius [edt]
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Târgovişte : Cetatea de Scaun, 2013.
318 p
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Introduction / Vladimir Jarmolenko and Silviu Miloiu — Lithuanian-Moldavian political relations in the 14th and 15th Centuries / Nerijus Babinskas — Romanian lands and Lithuania. Evolution of relations from 14th to 16th Century / Adinel Ciprian Dincă — Time that was wasted: Romania and Lithuania after peace treaties and until Ribbentrop-Molotov pact (1918- 1939) / Florin Anghel — Lithuania, Romania and the great powers (1938-2007): bonds, parallels, confluences / Silviu Miloiu — Lithuania and Republic of Moldova: from medieval collaboration to European integration / Octavian Ţîcu — Are there Lithuanian traces in the Carpathians? (Terra Lytovoi). notes on history / Vladimir Jarmolenko.
Lietuva (Lithuania); Rumunija (Romania); Moldova (Moldavija; Republika Moldova; Moldavia); Tarptautiniai santykiai / International relations.
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ENThe book is the result of cooperation among historians from Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova and Romania and thus brings in the research traditions of the three historiographies. Nerijus Babinskas of the University of Vilnius and Adinel Ciprian Dincă of the “George Bari” Institute of History of the Romanian Academy deal in their contributions with the Lithuanian‐Moldavian relations during the Middle Ages and shed further light on the significance of interstate and inter‐elite bonds which united the two neighbouring peoples. Inter‐marriages, alliances and cultural exchanges can be traced back to that age. Florin Anghel of the Ovidius University of Constana approaches the Romanian‐Lithuanian relations during the interwar period and provides a documented explanations of the reasons that explain the limits of cooperation between the two states. Silviu Miloiu, President of the Romanian Association of Baltic and Nordic Studies, deals with the bonds between Lithuania and Romania in the framework of their relations with the neighbouring Great Powers, particularly with the Soviet Union and Germany. As Romania was divided following the Soviet takeover of its eastern and north‐eastern provinces, Octavian Țîcu of the Institute of History and Political Science in Chisinau provides an ample analysis of the ties between Lithuanians and Romanians of Moldova (today, citizens of the Republic of Moldova) from the Soviet annexation in 1940 to the international recognition of their independence in 1991. Finally, Ambassador Vladimir Jarmolenko aims at asking some questions about the historical bonds between Lithuanians and Romanians and tries to provide a new research paradigm. [From the Introduction]

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