Valstybės tarnybos reforma Lietuvoje: dabartis ir ateities įžvalgos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Valstybės tarnybos reforma Lietuvoje: dabartis ir ateities įžvalgos
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Public service reform inLithuania: present and future insights
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Administravimas. Valstybės tarnyba / Administration. Public service.
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LTTam, kad valstybės tarnyba taptų skaidresnė, lankstesnė ir profesionalesnė, būtini esminiai pokyčiai. Šiuo metu valstybės tarnybos santykiai reguliuojami Lietuvos Respublikos valstybės tarnybos įstatymu, įsigaliojusiu 2002 metais. Straipsnyje nagrinėjama valstybės tarnybos bei valstybės tarnautojų sampratos problematika, apibūdinama kokiomis koncepcijomis grindžiama valstybės tarnyba, analizuojamas valstybės tarnybos instituto raida, reformų poreikis valstybės tarnyboje, valstybės tarnybos tobulinimo koncepcija bei Lietuvos Respublikos valstybės tarnybos įstatymo projektas. Reikšminiai žodžiai: valstybės tarnyba, valstybės tarnautojai, valstybės tarnybos reforma. [Iš leidinio]

ENUntil Lithuania regained its independence in 1990, Lithuanian public service was based on Soviet legal system. During twenty five years of independence the approach to public service have changed frequently. Lithuania society often has an opinion that public servants are the bureaucrats seeking to benefit themselves. In order to change this opinion, it is necessary to reform public service, to elaborate legislation regulating public service, public service and public servants need to become more open to the society. The object of the article – Lithuanian public service reform. The aim of the article – to analyse the public service reform in Lithuania. Article presents that until now there is no unified concept of public service, but it can be said that public service is inextricably linked with the state as a whole society organizations, the role of ensuring human rights and freedoms and to guarantee the public interest. Public servant – a person who serves the state and public interests. The Law on Public Service came into effect on 1 July 2002. Lithuania has chosen the conception of restricted public service when public servants are only those persons who have been granted powers by the public authorities or directly participate in the process of policy enforcement, drafting of legislation or implementation of other legal acts. Public service reform of Lithuania is already established system development process is carried out according to the needs of today. The main objective of the reform - to adopt the new version of the Law on Public Service, to develop the second phase of public servants selection and optimization of public service apparatus. Public service reform of Lithuania continues to have a very important role. Keywords: public service, public servants, public service reform. [From the publication]

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