Forensic examinations in Lithuania: 30 years of experience (1990-2020)

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Forensic examinations in Lithuania: 30 years of experience (1990-2020)
Kriminalistika. Kriminologija / Criminology.
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ENThe chapter presents essential features of forensic science during the period 1990–2020 in Lithuania. Therefore, an overview of the system of forensic science is presented in two directions—overview of the main stages of legal regulation of forensic science, mainly basing on criminal procedure, and presentation of organizational structural changes in the said system. In addition, authors intend to reveal the role of international legal regulation of forensic science in changes at national level and to analyze the main technological achievements of the said system during the period 1990–2020. Forensic science is exclusive, complex and an applied branch of law science—narrowly applicable but including a very broad sphere of special knowledge and essential for the execution of justice. It is a dynamic and extensive science driven by developments in different spheres of science and achievements in technologies, experience of experts and their intuition. Therefore, the quality of forensic examination depends on several elements: quality of legal regulation and human competencies and technical capacities of institutions or individual persons. The latter should be based on a high scientific-technological level, the implementation of a quality management system, the capacity of law enforcement officers or judges to properly order forensic examination, etc. The authors of the chapter conclude that all these elements are considered (consulted) in the activities of state forensic institutions. The quality of legislation plays an important role. The analysis of the development in legislation revealed that it is very detailed and echoes all international requirements, standards and developments in forensic science. [From the publication]

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