Legal developments during 30 years of Lithuanian independence: overview of legal accomplishments and challenges in Lithuania

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Legal developments during 30 years of Lithuanian independence: overview of legal accomplishments and challenges in Lithuania
  • Švedas, Gintaras, redaktorius [edt]
  • Murauskas, Donatas, redaktorius [edt]
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Cham : Springer, 2021.
315 p
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Part I Complicated Historical Heritage: Dealing with the Totalitarian Past: 1 Transitional Justice Cases Against Lithuania at the European Court of Human Rights / Vygantė Milašiūtė — 2 The Legal Framework for Administrative Liability in Lithuania: Lifting Legal Barriers to the Efficient Regulation of Administrative Offences / Audronė Gedmintaitė — 3 Development of Property Protection in Criminal Law During Lithuania’s Independence / Armanas Abramavičius, Gintaras Švedas, and Andželika Vosyliūtė — 4 Some Aspects of Economic Regulation in Lithuanian Constitutional Law: From Planned Economy to the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Agnė Juškevičiūtė-Vilienė — Part II Sophisticated Socio-Political and Other Conditions in the Process of Adoption to New (Rule of Law) Standards 5 Development of the Justice System in Lithuania: Revolution, Evolution or Involution? / Jonas Prapiestis and Darius Prapiestis — 6 Evolution of the Lithuanian Civil Procedure: Objectives and Reality / Vytautas Nekrošius and Vigita Vėbraitė — 7 Development of Arbitration Law in the Republic of Lithuania After the Restoration of Independence / Eglė Zemlytė and Guoda Almantė Driukaitė — 8 Understanding Legal Responses to Technological Change in Lithuania Since 1990: Examples of Assisted Reproduction and Skin Care Procedures Regulation / Justyna Levon and Dovilė Valančienė —Part III Authority of International Legal Sources over a Period of 30 Years: 9 Shift in the Role of Lithuanian Courts in the Context of Lithuania’s Membership in International Organizations / Deimilė Prapiestytė — 10 Forensic Examinations in Lithuania: 30 Years of Experience (1990–2020) / Gabrielė Juodkaitė-Granskienė and Andrej Gorbatkov — 11 Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights: Lithuanian Case / Donatas Murauskas — Part IV The Search for Experimental and/or Entirely New National Legal Models: 12 The Development and Prospects of the Lithuanian Constitutional Justice Model / Dovilė Pūraitė-Andrikienė 13 Constitutional Principles As a Criterion for Declaring Legal Regulation to Be Incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania / Haroldas Šinkūnas — 14 Administrative Liability in Lithuania: The Model of Corporate Administrative Liability / Jurgita Paužaitė-Kulvinskienė — 15 Collective Labour Law in Lithuania: Search for a National Model / Daiva Petrylaitė — 16 Tendencies and Problematical Aspects of Criminal Liability of a Legal Person in Lithuania / Gintaras Švedas and Armanas Abramavičius.
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ENThis volume provides an overview of selected major areas of legal and institutional development in Lithuania since the Restoration of Independence in 1990. The respective chapters discuss changes in fields varying from the constitutional framework to criminal law and procedure. The content highlights four major aspects of the fundamental changes that have affected the entire legal system: the Post-Soviet country’s complex historical heritage; socio-political and other conditions in the process of adopting new (rule of law) standards; international legal influences on the national legal order over the past 30 years; and finally, the search for entirely new national legal models. Over a period of 30 years since gaining its independence from the Soviet Union, Lithuania has undergone unique social changes. The state restarted its independent journey burdened by the complicated heritage of the Soviet legal system. Some major reforms have taken place swiftly, while others have required years of thorough analysis of societal needs and the search for optimal examples in other states. The legal system is now substantially different, with some elements being entirely new, and others adapted to present needs. [Publisher annotation]

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