Как короновать великого князя? Из истории "коронационной бури" (1429-1430) и инсигний, предназначавшихся для Витовта

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Как короновать великого князя? Из истории "коронационной бури" (1429-1430) и инсигний, предназначавшихся для Витовта
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How is a Grand duke crowned as king? From the history of the "coronation storm" (1429-1430) and the insignia intended for Vytautas
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Istorijos šaltinių tyrimai. 2021, t. 7, p. 9-74
Vytautas Didysis, 1350-1430, Lietuvos didysis kunigaikštis (Vytautas the Great); 15 amžius; Lenkija (Poland); Lietuva (Lithuania).
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ENThe article presents an analysisof a significant aspect regarding problems with the coronation of Grand Duke Vytautas and his wife Uliana – data from the story behind the rulers’ crowns that has hitherto practically not been noticed is being brought into academic circulation. Several important historical sources are being analysed: inscriptions from the book of expenses of the city of Nuremberg, a description of the Teutonic Order’s legation under the Vogt of Stuhm Klaus von Redwitz to meet with the Roman-German King Sigismund of Luxemburg (in 1429), and a previously unknown document regarding the coronation that has survived in manuscript form at the Bavarian State Library (BSB, Clm 22372), which once belonged to Sigismund’s advocate, the Bishop of Augsburg Peter von Schaumberg. These sources contain records indicating that the crowns were richly adorned with gemstones, and were in the past associated with Emperor Henry VII (Sigismund’s great-grandfather) and Roman-German King, Ruprecht von der Pfalz. This kind of link reveals the symbolic significance of the crowns, while their cost – one was priced at 50 thousand guldens – testifies to the scale of importance of the Kingdom of Lithuania project in Sigismund’s political plans in 1429–1430. The analysis of the above historical sources also allows researchers to speculate that the failure to have Vytautas crowned could have been due to his overly unilateral dependence on Sigismund’s actions. Keywords: Vytautas, Sigismund of Luxemburg, coronation, royal jewels. [From the publication]

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