Reinventing the Baltic sea region: from the Hansa to the EU-strategy of 2009

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Reinventing the Baltic sea region: from the Hansa to the EU-strategy of 2009
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Revista română de studii baltice şi nordice [Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies]. 2012, vol. 4, iss. 2, p. 5-17
Estija (Estonia); Lietuva (Lithuania); Latvija (Latvia).
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ENThe political changes of 1989 stimulated a new perception and perspective of the Baltic Sea Region. And this gained momentum with the Eastern Enlargement of the EU. The new situation encouraged research as well. In this context the “Baltic Sea” is not an unchangeable physical setting, but also a construction of different actors or protagonists. People and powers continuously reinvent the Baltic Sea Region. That is why; the following paper focuses on the different notions of the Baltic Sea Region from the Middle Ages up to now and also examines the recent EU-Strategy of this region. Keywords: Baltic Sea Region; Hansa; Adam of Bremen; EU-Strategy; spatial turn; dominium maris Baltici; model region. [From the publication]

2067-1725; 2067-225X
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