Taikos sutartis administraciniame procese: galimybės ir grėsmės

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Straipsnis / Article
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Taikos sutartis administraciniame procese: galimybės ir grėsmės
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Peace treaty in administrative proceedings: opportunities and threats
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Teisės mokslo pavasaris. 2016, 2016, p. 225-238
Administracinė teisė / Administrative law; Teismai. Teismų praktika / Courts. Case-law.
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LT2013 m. rugpjūčio 1 d. padarytas Administracinių bylų teisenos įstatymo pakeitimas, tiesiogiai leidžiantis sudaryti taikos sutartį administraciniame procese, bet šią galimybę labai riboja pati administracinės teisės specifika ir kylantys praktikos keblumai, todėl šiame straipsnyje, remiantis kitų autorių darbais, administracinių teismų praktika bei pačių teisininkų patirtimi, analizuojamas praktinis taikos sutarties instituto taikymas administraciniame procese. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Administracinis procesas; Taikos sutartis; Lietuva; 2013 m. Keywords: Administrative process; Peace treaty; Lithuania; In 2013.

ENCouncil of Europe In 2001 had formally discussed the need of alternative dispute resolution methods. According to the Council an alternative to judicial proceedings, schould1) reduce the number of cases, going to trial and improve the quality of the process of resolving a despute, 2) reduce financial costs, 3) protect the interests of all the parties by achieving a greater level of justice, 4) guaranty greater equality between the parties of a dispute. Based on these criteria, the Republic of Lithuania, adopted the Law on Administrative Proceedings Article 52¹ amendment which directly led parties to make a peace agreement at any stage of a process. Of course, it is important to mention, that the application of the peace agreement institute over administrative proceedings, has long been a novelty. Before consolidating it as an independent administrative institute, peace agreement has long been applied by using analogy of civil procedural law. After the institute of peace agreement gained its independence, administrative law relating to the peaceful agreements of the contracts had become much more consistent and concrete. Moreover, the possibilities for the courts to participate in resolving disputes have been extended. Despite the changes in the administrative process, which was supposed to facilitate the peaceful agreements of the contracts, it turned out there are various barriers preventing the peace agreement to be used in all the cases. Such barriers must be regarded as operating limits for public administration entities, lack of peace award opportunities , the lack of certainty and powers conferred on the public administration entities. It should be noted that in the long run stereotypes also prevents full use of the peace agreement institute benefits. [From the publication]

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