Challenges to the welfare state: family and pension policies in the Baltic and Nordic countries

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Challenges to the welfare state: family and pension policies in the Baltic and Nordic countries
  • Aidukaitė, Jolanta, redaktorius [edt]
  • Hort, Sven E.O, redaktorius [edt]
  • Kuhnle, Stein, redaktorius [edt]
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Cheltenham, UK ; Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021.
302 p
New horizons in social policy
Bibliografija prie skyrių ir dalykų rodyklė. Reikšminiai žodžiai: Baltijos šalys (Baltic states); Šiaurės šalys (Nordic countries); Šeimos politika; Demografija; Lyčių politika; Vyresnio amžiaus žmonės; Pensijos; Gerovės valstybės; Family policy; Demography; Gender policies; Elderly people; Pensions; Welfare state.
List of contributors — Preface — Annotation of the book — 1 Introduction: Baltic and Nordic countries from a comparative perspective – family policies and pensions in the era of ageing / Jolanta Aidukaite, Sven E. O. Hort and Stein Kuhnle — PART I PERSPECTIVES ON FAMILY POLICY. 2 Family support systems in the Baltic and Nordic countries: an explorative overview / Jolanta Aidukaite— 3 Demographic challenges of Europe in the new millennium: Swedish family policies as an answer to them? / Livia Sz. Oláh and Gerda Neyer— 4 Nordic family policy in the 2000s: from a ‘transfer-based’ towards a ‘service-based’ family policy? / Mia Hakovirta and Mikael Nygård — 5 Family policy support for the earner-carer and traditional-family models in Lithuania and Sweden / Katharina Wesolowski, Sunnee Billingsley and Gerda Neyer — 6 The sustainability of family support systems in the 21st century: comparing Sweden and Lithuania / Jolanta Aidukaite and Kristina Senkuviene — 7 Cost of childcare: evolution of regional diversity in Estonia / Mare Ainsaar and Mona Sõukand — PART II PERSPECTIVES ON PENSION PROTECTION IN THE ERA OF AGEING. 8 Ageing and the welfare state: welfare policies and attitudes in the Baltic and Nordic countries / Jolanta Aidukaite, Sven E. O. Hort and Mare Ainsaar — 9 Gender inequalities in family leaves, employment and pensions in Finland / Kati Kuitto and Susan Kuivalainen — 10 Approaches to minimum-income protection in old age: comparing the three Scandinavian countries / Axel West Pedersen — 11 Pension systems as risk management: a case of the Baltic states / Olga Rajevska — 12 Looking for an adequate and sustainable old-age pension system: comparing Sweden and Lithuania / Teodoras Medaiskis and Šarūnas Eirošius — 13 The inequality of public pension benefits for the elderly using Estonian data / Magnus Piirits — 14 Stretching the canvas: beyond welfare state typologies to capability and agency / Barbara Hobson — Index.
Demografija; Gerovės valstybės; Lyčių politika; Pagyvenę asmenys / Elderly; Pensijos; Šeima / Family.
Demography; Family policy; Gender policies; Pensions; Welfare state.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe overarching aim of the book is to demonstrate the dynamics of welfare policies (family support and pension protection) in different socioeconomic settings. It challenges the conventional welfare state research by choosing to compare the most developed welfare states of the Nordic countries with the little-researched welfare states of the three ‘young’ market-oriented democra-cies of the Baltic area. By doing so, the book revives ‘old’ welfare state theo-ries, welfare state models and family policy/gender regimes, and contributes to a better understanding of the complex inequalities that families and individuals are facing in the 21st century. The comparative analyses of the Baltic and Nordic welfare state systems respond to a number of theoretical and empirical questions that are relevant to contemporary welfare state studies: what is – or should be – the role of private actors (non-profit organisations and commercial firms) in the welfare state? How should the pay-as-you-go principle be combined with the cumulative principle in reforming pension insurance? What kind of family policy meas-ures can best ensure gender equality and a work–life balance and solve the problems of child poverty?By addressing policy developments in the field of family support and pension protection in these two groups of welfare states, the book contributes to finding, and reflecting upon, innovative solutions to common or similar challenges in European welfare states. This book is of great interest to social policy scholars, students and policy makers with an interest in the Baltic and Nordic countries, and in family policy and pension protection reforms, and to those with a general interest in the contemporary welfare state studies in Europe. [From the publication]

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