Галицькі князі та знать у відносинах із Литвою XII-XIV ст.

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Straipsnis / Article
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Галицькі князі та знать у відносинах із Литвою XII-XIV ст
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Halych princes and nobles in relations with Lithuania in the 12th-14th centuries
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Lietuva; Haličas; Danila Romanovičius; Levas Danilovičius; Švarnas Danilovičius; Mindaugas; Liubartas Gediminaitis; Materialinė kultūra. Keywords: Lithuania; Halych; Danylo Romanovych; Lev Danylovych; Vaišvilkas; Shvarno Danylovych; Mindaugas; Liubart Gedyminovych; Material culture.
12 amžius; 13 amžius; 14 amžius; Bajorai, didikai ir magnatai / Nobles and magnates; Haličas (Halych); Materialinė kultūra; Politiniai santykiai; Regionai.
12th century; 13th century; 14th century; Material culture; Political relations; Regions.
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ENThrough the verification of the different content and time of the source appearance, in the article is devoted the military-political as well as partly trade contacts between Halych rulers and the inhabitants with the Lithuanians during the 12th–14th centuries. The use of the general historical methods with a comparative comparisons of the archeological data allows us to establish that the most active period of the bilateral relations was in the second half of the 13th century, connected with the Halych reign of the Prince Shvarno Danylovych 1264–1269 and the asceticism of his N. Lithuanian wife’s brother – the monk Vaišvilkas. The fragmentary nature of the written sources is also noted. Its complemented by not numerous monuments of the material culture both sides. These include the bracelets of the so-called "Halych type", found in the 1930’s during the archaeological research in Kaunas and the Lithuanian amber export items, known from the 21th century in Halych and Halychyna. The originality and specificity of the subject is supplemented by the peripherality of controlled by Rurikids, compared to other their lands. This fact directly influenced on the course of the bilateral relations. [From the publication]

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